What Display Devices are in the Audio and Video System?

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The audio and video system is also called a/v system, v stands for Video display, a stands for Audio sound, and the system that combines audio and video is collectively called "audio and video system". The audio and video system generally refers to the audio and video conferencing system at first, and later the business content covers more and wider, including stage lighting, exhibition display, security command, centralized monitoring, interactive touch, indoor and outdoor advertising, studio, control room, immersive system , video conferencing, distance learning, smart buildings, and more.

The audio and video system belongs to the branch of weak current system integration. It is very professional. It is a professional product and professional system with high-tech, multi-functionality, integration and application performance.

Audio and video system integration is based on the specific application requirements and capital status of the demander, comprehensive application of various audio and video signal processing technologies, appropriate selection of audio and video hardware products, through professional integration design, installation and debugging and a lot of technical work and Corresponding management and business work, so that the integrated audio and video system can meet the user's requirements for actual work, and has a good cost-effective system throughout the whole process.

What display devices are in the audio and video system?


A projector is a device that can project an image or video onto a wall or screen. Depending on the projection technology, there are different types such as LCD, DLP, 3LCD, and LCOS.

video wall

A video wall (also known as a video wall) is a large visualization plane made up of multiple displays. Common ones are DLP splicing unit, LCD splicing unit, LED splicing system, OLED curved splicing unit, macro rear projection splicing, LPD laser display, etc.

flat panel display

A display is an output device that displays images and colors. Flat panel displays in audio and video systems are larger than typical monitors. Common types include liquid crystal display, OLED display, QLED display, e-ink screen, curved screen, transparent screen, double-sided screen, special-shaped screen, etc.

LED display

LED is the English abbreviation of light-emitting diode. LED is a display screen that displays various information by controlling semiconductor light-emitting diodes. The LED display screen is composed of small LED module panels, which are used to display text, images, videos, etc.

Interactive display

The interactive display screen allows the user to operate the host by lightly touching the icons or text on the display screen with fingers, thus getting rid of the keyboard and mouse operations, making the human-computer interaction more straightforward. Common types include interactive LCD displays, interactive box products, interactive all-in-one machines, interactive desktops, conference room collaboration platforms, and somatosensory images.

medical display

Medical displays are displays designed to provide high definition, high brightness, contrast and image stability for the medical industry. The application field of medical display screen is different from that of ordinary display screen, and the parameters of technical requirements are also different. Common types include: medical display projectors, medical display LCD screens, medical display VR glasses, and medical teaching display systems.

3D display terminal

3D display technology is a new type of display technology. Compared with ordinary 2D picture display, 3D technology can make the picture become three-dimensional and realistic, and the image is no longer limited to the plane of the screen, as if it can go out of the screen, allowing the audience to have an immersive experience. a feeling of. Common types include: 3D projection scheme, 3D LCD screen, holographic projection, etc.

movie projector

Movie projectors, optical machinery used to project films. It is composed of a light box, an optical system, a transmission film transmission device and a film supply box. Including laser digital projector, all-in-one digital projector, 4K digital projector, 2K digital projector, S2K digital projector, 3D digital projection system, CINEMA LED.

4K/8K display device

4K refers to a display device with a physical resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. 8K refers to a display device with a physical resolution of 7680x4320 pixels. Common types include: 4K projector, 4K digital movie machine, 4K home theater, 4K flat panel display, 4K interactive display, 4K LED display, 8K flat panel display, 8K projector.

wearable display

A wearable device is a portable device that is worn directly on the body or integrated into the user's clothing. It includes AR glasses, VR glasses, head-mounted displays, projection bracelets, etc.

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