What is the Dynamic Energy-saving Technology of Indoor Full-color LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-18 16:14 Views: 323

Full-color LED displays are now being used more and more in various companies. Many customers of Lianchengfa will ask what is the dynamic energy-saving technology of indoor full-color LED display? The so-called dynamic energy-saving technology, that is, the chip will automatically suggest when it reads the flashing information, and it will not recommend when there is no information flashing demand. It achieves the dynamic energy-saving function and reduces power consumption. This technology can save energy by 10%-30%. This is such as the car's active start-stop technology. When the car is in an intermittent state when the clutch pedal is stepped on, the engine will automatically operate intermittently. When the clutch pedal is released, the engine will automatically advise, and then save unnecessary fuel consumption.


When the full-color LED display flashes black, the PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC will intermittently work and enter the sleep state. For example, when playing a slideshow that only needs text, the text is white, and other areas are black. At this moment, only the text flashing area consumes power. When the entire large screen is in the off-screen standby state, the entire display hardly consumes power.

The PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC will automatically adjust the current according to the light and shade of the flashing screen. The lower the brightness of the playback screen, the less power consumption. The PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC can automatically adjust the current according to the richness and saturation of the colors of the flashing picture. For example, when switching from a brightly colored picture to a dimly colored picture, the power consumption of the display screen will be automatically reduced.

In addition to dynamic energy saving, using the PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC, the user-equipped power supply only needs 4V, and the low-voltage energy saving is about 27%. At the same time, the PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC has the energy-saving function of DS-PWM and the 4K and 3840Hz refresh rate of the high-definition high-end PWM driver IC. , while the brightness does not decrease.