Compared with traditional LED displays, what are the characteristics of LED soft modules?

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Usually flexible screen, refers to flexible OLED. The successful mass production of flexible screens is not only beneficial to the manufacture of a new generation of high-end smartphones, but also has a profound impact on the application of wearable devices due to its low power consumption and bendable characteristics. The continuous penetration of the terminal is widely used.

What we need to understand today is LED flexible screen, which is called soft module flexible LED display in the industry. The screen can no longer meet the inspiration of designers, the needs of brands and media companies.

LED soft mold can meet various shapes, such as cylinder, inner arc, streamer, spiral and so on. Lianchengfa soft module can realize height adjustment, no degumming, warping angle, and better ensure the flatness and radian.


In the past, the traditional LED display screen was installed with screws, frames and other major projects, but the installation method of the LED flexible screen is as simple as sticking a piece of paper on the wall. Due to its very light weight, LED flexible screens are mostly installed by magnet adsorption, pasting and other methods, which simplifies the installation and disassembly process, so that customers can easily complete the installation work themselves, which greatly reduces the burden of use.

Such characteristics make it difficult for traditional LED displays to fully fit buildings, such as curved walls, columns and other irregular special positions, if the usual LED displays are to be installed on curved walls , There are generally three methods: make the box into a vertical strip, splicing and install; make the box into a curved and then splicing; make a special unit, and the screen steel structure also needs to be made into an arc. These three methods are undoubtedly very troublesome in production and installation, while LED flexible screens are more convenient in comparison. It is in view of the above characteristics that the most common application fields of LED flexible screens are also places with such special shapes, such as shopping mall columns, bars, stages and so on.

In addition to the above, LED flexible screens have the advantages of single-point maintenance, seamless splicing, high efficiency and energy saving, which are not available in traditional LED displays.

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