How to Connect the Mobile Phone to the LED Screen?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-17 13:34 Views: 347

After the LED display is installed, it needs to be controlled by a computer to display the text and pictures above. Many customers want to control the LED display through the mobile phone (Android, Apple) system to play the content in the mobile phone, including regular pictures, videos, etc. , but I don't know how to connect, let's share with you how the LED display is connected to the mobile phone:

How to connect led display with mobile phone?


1. WIFI wireless control: The system uses the mobile terminal (mobile phone, IPAD) as the control terminal, and realizes the remote wireless control screen for the first time. All its functions can be realized by the touch screen control, and the zero-second switching will not be stuck. Really abandon the traditional keyboard, mouse, software instead of hardware.

2. The connection that the device needs to complete before the control and the preparation for playing the file: First, the LED display screen and the LED video processor are normally connected and debugged.

3. Connect the HDMI output of the controller to the LED video processor and make the corresponding settings; the wireless router opens the wireless network, and connects the mobile phone and the secret box to the same WIFI network at the same time.