What is the problem of Color Cast on the LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-17 13:31 Views: 270

Today, the editor of LCF will share with you what should we do when the LED display has a color cast problem?

The reason why the color of the LED display turns yellow is that the baking temperature is too high or the time is too long; Solution: AB glue is cured and demolded within 30 minutes at 120-140 degrees, and it is easy to yellow when baked for a long time above 150 degrees. AB glue is cured and demolded at 120-130 degrees / 30-40 minutes. If it exceeds 150 degrees or bake for a long time, it will turn yellow. When making large lamp caps, lower the curing temperature.

If it is an LED display lamp bead bubble problem, the cause: bubbles in the bowl: the bracket is poorly dipped in glue. Bubble Bubble: The curing temperature is too high and the epoxy curing is too intense. Cracked glue, cracked top: short curing time, incomplete or uneven curing of epoxy resin. AB glue exceeds the usable time. Bubbles on the surface of the lamp head: Epoxy glue has difficulty in defoaming or the user's vacuum degree is not enough, and the glue dispensing time is too long. The solution is to improve the process or contact the epoxy supplier depending on the usage.


The reason for the LED display bracket climbing glue is: the uneven surface of the bracket causes capillary phenomenon. AB glue contains volatile materials. At this time, you can't solve it, and you need to replace it with the supplier.

If the LED display is encapsulated in a short-bake and released from the mold, the main reason is that the stacking in the oven is too dense and the ventilation is poor. The local temperature of the oven is too high. There are other colored contaminants in the oven. The solution: improve ventilation. Remove color stains and confirm the actual temperature in the oven.

Some of the lamps on the same row of brackets have coloring phenomenon or different gelation time, and the quality is not uniform, generally because of insufficient stirring. The solution is: stir well, especially at the corners of the container.