Talking About the Energy Saving and Environmental Pprotection Technology of sSmall Pitch LED Display

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-04 14:30 Views: 759

At present, the indoor splicing large screen market is divided into three parts: micro-pitch LED splicing screen, DLP rear-projection splicing screen, and LCD LCD splicing screen, among which the micro-pitch LED splicing screen is gaining momentum. Power consumption and long service life are unmatched by other splicing screens, and have also been recognized by the market, quickly grabbing a large share of the indoor splicing market. To bring such excellent performance to the micro-pitch LED splicing screen, especially the perfect performance of ultra-long service life, low noise, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection is inseparable from the key process and energy consumption control design applied in the manufacture of micro-pitch LEDs , let's make a brief introduction to the technology of low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection of micro-pitch LED display.

1. Application of green environmental protection materials

The materials used in the micro-pitch LED display are all green and environmentally friendly materials, free of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and no pollution sources such as heavy metals and toxic metals. Take Voury Zhuohua's micro-pitch LEDs For the display screen, it meets all the environmental protection requirements, all are made of green non-polluting materials, and have passed the internationally recognized ROHS certification.


2. Efficient switching power supply, lower power consumption

The average power consumption of micro-pitch LEDs is below 300W/㎡, which is a real ultra-low power consumption. With such low power consumption, it is necessary to ensure normal display work, which is inseparable from the key components - switching power supply, micro-pitch LED display The switching power supply used in the screen is mainly used to convert the input 220V alternating current into a stable 5~12V direct current for lighting the LED display. Obviously, the power conversion efficiency of the switching power supply becomes the key factor of power consumption. If the traditional analog switch is used Power supply, because of the loss of analog devices, the power conversion efficiency is uncontrollable and unstable, and the conversion rate is low, which results in a lot of energy waste, which requires a lot of energy to support the work of the display, resulting in huge power consumption of the display . The micro-pitch LED display adopts a digital PFC (power factor correction) switching power supply, which is a new type of power factor correction switching power supply. It contains a PFC circuit and adjusts the current waveform through a special IC. The phase difference is compensated to improve the power factor. For example, the power factor of the switching power supply used in the micro-pitch LED display of Chengfa Technology can reach 97%, which greatly improves the conversion efficiency and reduces the waste of energy. Therefore, the micro-pitch LED display can be used in It works normally under very low energy supply, consumes very low power, and is very energy-saving. Because of this, Lianchengfa Technology's micro-pitch LED display has passed the first-level energy efficiency test.

3. Good heat dissipation material and special heat dissipation layout design

The low power consumption of micro-pitch LEDs is not only related to high-performance switching power supplies, but also to good heat dissipation design. At the same time, the benefit of this is that the micro-pitch LED display has a long service life. Take the micro-pitch LED display as an example, the CNC die-casting process is carried out using aluminum materials with high strength and good heat dissipation, which not only ensures a beautiful appearance, but also facilitates the timely and effective discharge of internal heat; in addition, Lianchengfa spacing LED display The layout of the internal components of the screen box has undergone strict thermal analysis, and the layout design of each component is reasonable, so that the internal heat generated is very balanced, which is more conducive to the heat dissipation through the external aluminum material; the adoption of these measures makes the Lianchengfa's micro-pitch LED display is in a low heat state when it is working, and the service life of each working part will not be reduced due to heat, so that the service life of the micro-pitch LED display can reach more than 100,000 hours.