Ningbo "smashed" 290 million more for the construction of smart light poles!

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In April this year, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province released a bidding project for tens of millions of smart street lights. The project is located on Nanshan Road, Fenghua District, Ningbo, with a total length of about 4.3 kilometers and a total of 307 smart light poles. The project uses smart light poles as a carrier to carry out multi-pole integration , to build Nanshan Road into a real smart road, and the owner of the tender is Ningbo Fenghua District Big Data Investment Development Co., Ltd.


Recently, Ningbo Fenghua District Big Data Investment and Development Co., Ltd. will once again be the project owner, investing nearly 290 million to carry out smart street lighting and digital upgrading construction projects in Fenghua District. The project has recently been successfully approved by Ningbo Fenghua District Development and Reform Bureau. pass. Let's take a look at the specific content of the project:

Project Overview

Necessity of project construction: Fenghua District is an area where informatization construction continues. The implementation of this project effectively promotes the more digital and intelligent development of urban infrastructure, and can provide government, municipal, citizens, communication operators, electric power, public security, environmental protection, safety The department brings efficiency, convenience and economic benefits.

Construction scale and main content:

①The project is located in Fenghua District, Ningbo City. The construction scope involves Nanshan Road (range Mingshan Road-Jinzhong Road) about 5km, Xipu Road (Miller Avenue-Siming Road) about 2.0km, Baohua Road Phase I (Jinzhong Road-Jinzhong Road) Airport South Road) about 3.3km, Baohua Road Phase II (Donghuan Road-Xinling Road) about 1.76km, west of Baohua Road (Jinzhong Road-Jinfeng Avenue) about 2.5km, Jinhai Road (Jinzhong Road-East) Ring Road) about 2km, Yuelin Road (Zhongta Road-Donghuan Road, Donghuan Road-Zonger Road) about 5.25km.

②The construction content includes two parts: the construction of smart street lamps and the construction of three "competence centers":

The construction of smart street lamps includes front-end perception subsystems including light poles, smart lighting, public wireless (WIFI service, 5G micro base station), public security video surveillance, traffic security technology system, smart transportation, information interaction (touch screen, LED large screen), advertising information Publishing, public broadcasting, environmental testing, municipal administration (manhole cover displacement detection, trash can, IoT gateway), etc.

The construction of the three "competence centers" includes the construction of the district public security center, the construction of the precision intelligent control analysis center, the construction of the district video sharing platform, and the construction of the refined comprehensive management collaborative application system.

Total project investment: 296.1911 million yuan

Project owner: Ningbo Fenghua District Big Data Investment Development Co., Ltd.

In April this year, the Office of the Leading Group for the Development of Ningbo's Digital Economy issued the "2022 Ningbo 5G Development Promotion Plan". The "Promotion Plan" clearly intends to continue to promote the "multi-pole-in-one" intelligent integration. Ningbo will use smart lights The rod is used as the carrier to realize "multi-rod integration, one rod multi-purpose".

Statement: The content comes from the public resource trading websites of governments at all levels. There may be corrections and adjustments in the later stage of the project, please refer to the latest announcement.