The top ten companies in led display!

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A summary of the top ten companies in led display. As one of the main display devices in the current market, LED display screens have been leading the market share by virtue of their own unique advantages. When it comes to the display screen or the display market, the LED display cannot be avoided. Whether it is the security industry, the advertising industry, or the film and television media industry, it is closely related to the LED display. Due to the comprehensive advantages of LED display such as low price, low consumption, energy saving, high brightness and excellent display effect, LED technology has received extensive attention as a new generation of display technology in recent years, and the development of LED display industry is booming. So which LED display manufacturers are the most popular among consumers? The following list of top ten LED display companies relies on big data technology, comprehensive brand strength, product sales, user reputation, netizen voting and other nearly 100 indicators to select the top ten LED display companies in 2022.

1. Leyard

Leyard Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. ("Leyard") was established in 1995, and Leyard was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in March 2012 (stock code: 300296) with a registered capital of 755 million yuan. Since its establishment 21 years ago, it has been focusing on the LED application field. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, production, sales and service for LED display and lighting applications. It is the parent company of Leyard Optoelectronics Group. Leyard has established a good brand reputation in the industry by virtue of high-quality products, leading technical level and first-class service capabilities. The key high-tech enterprises of the National Torch Program, Beijing Municipality and the Ministry of Science and Technology awarded "Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone - Innovation" "Gazelle Program", the first batch of key cultivation enterprises awarded by Beijing, etc. Its products have a wide range of customers in railway transportation, urban rail transportation, highway transportation, civil aviation transportation, military, radio and television, energy, commercial real estate, government agencies, stadiums, advertising media, financial institutions, industrial and commercial enterprises, commercial lighting and other market segments. resources and good reputation. With the recognition of the company and its products in the international market, the company has determined the layout of the international market, and gradually builds an international market organization structure through strategic cooperation with large international well-known enterprises and local LED industry experts. The global marketing service network system and business layout will make every effort to promote the company to develop into the most competitive LED application enterprise in the world. Since its establishment, Leyard has undertaken more than 10,000 LED display and LED lighting projects around the world, and has developed into a leader in the field of LED display and lighting engineering. Leyard actively responds to the national strategy of innovation-driven development, seeks "development" with "innovation", breaks through the bottlenecks of LED technology, stands out in the LED industry environment full of opportunities and challenges, and leaps to become China's LED "intelligent" manufacturer leader. Leyard's original LED products are used in major high-end display venues around the world.

2. Unilumin

Shenzhen Unilumin Technology Co., Ltd. ("Unilumin") was established in 2004 with a registered capital of 628.83 million yuan, and was successfully listed in 2011 (stock code: 300232). Is a professional LED application product and solution provider, focusing on providing customers with integrated software development and solutions such as broadcast control system, video processor wireless control system, intelligent power distribution management system, etc. And LED green energy-saving lighting two series of products, it has many branches and subsidiaries, marketing network and classic cases all over the world. Adhering to the corporate vision of "showing a glorious world, lighting a happy life", we provide global customers with high-quality, high-performance LED full-color displays and LED energy-saving lighting products and solutions. At the same time, Unilumin Technology will also make full use of its capital strength to actively build a multi-level three-dimensional layout in subdivided fields through incubation, equity participation, mergers and acquisitions, etc. , Human-screen interaction, provide comprehensive scene operation services for performing arts, exhibition, media and other fields, transform into a new "smart" manufacturing and modern service-oriented enterprise, and create a new "SMART" Unilumin.



Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd. ("Lianchengfa", "LCF") was established in 2004 and successfully listed in 2016. Lianchengfa is a Chinese high-tech enterprise operating globally, and also a national-level specialized, special, and new little giant enterprise. It has the world's leading automated production equipment and modern post-doctoral research laboratories and a complete sales and service team. section. The marketing network covers 128 countries and regions around the world, and its partners include Huawei, People's Daily Online, CCTV, Cadillac, Dahua, Shenzhen Metro and other world-renowned enterprises and famous domestic and foreign brands.

As a leader in the LED display industry, Lianchengfa has won many awards such as a national high-tech enterprise, a national specialization and new little giant enterprise, a Guangdong smart and energy-saving LED display engineering technology research center, a post-doctoral innovation practice base, and a well-known brand in Shenzhen. major awards. And has hundreds of patents and software copyrights, the products have successfully passed 3C, CNAS, CE, CCC, FCC, ROHS and other authoritative testing and certification at home and abroad.

Founded in 2004, Lianchengfa has always adhered to technology and product innovation along the way, based on LED display products, integrating digital technology, artificial intelligence, interconnection, 5G+8K, XR production, naked eye 3D, edge computing and other frontiers Technical means, equipped with cultural and artistic design, creative content, sound and photoelectric elements, have formed a unique LED display integrated solution of "hardware + software + content + art + interaction" in the industry, leading the industry into a more intelligent display era, Present a beautiful digital horizon for people.

Lianchengfa is also a partner of top events such as the Olympic Games, World Cup, European Cup, etc., assisting many star tour concerts such as Jay Chou, Angela Chang and large-scale commercial performances of world-class brands. In addition, Lianchengfa LED display products and integrated solutions are also widely used in commercial complexes, cultural and tourism complexes, film and television complexes, smart cities and other fields around the world, and have successfully implemented 100,000+ classic cases. In the future, Lianchengfa will become more refined, specialized, bigger and stronger in the fields of cultural performances and smart cities, and is committed to building a world-class integrated service provider of sound, optoelectronics and intelligent manufacturing.

4. Absen

Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. ("Absen") was founded in 2001 and is a true LED display application and service provider. Absen's LED display, with vivid images, has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad. Products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions in America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc., and more than 30,000 application examples have been successfully implemented. Absen people adhere to the core values of "integrity, gratitude, and responsibility", practice the three principles of "no lying, no fraud, no bribery, telling the truth, doing practical things, and true temperament", adhering to the "loyalty, diligence, "Brave, Contribution" spirit of Little Bee, always sincere and united, to provide customers with high-quality products and professional services. Absen firmly believes that quality is the soul of products, and strictly abides by every standard of product selection, every process of production, every detail of service, and creates value for customers. At present, Absen has more than 1,000 employees, with Shenzhen headquarters, Huizhou manufacturing base and 8 overseas branches. With automated production equipment and modern laboratories, professional management, research and development, production and perfect sales and service teams, it provides a strong guarantee for product quality, large-scale, standardized production and delivery.

5. Ledman

Shenzhen Ledman Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Ledman, stock code: 300162) is a leading LED product service provider and sports resource operator in China. The company evolved in 1993, was established in 2004, and was successfully listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. It is an excellent benchmark enterprise in China's LED optoelectronics industry. At present, the company is developing with the dual main business of high-tech LED industry and sports industry. In the field of high-tech LEDs, Ledman has always been committed to the research and development, manufacturing, application and service of high-grade light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and application products. The products cover three major fields: high-end LED displays, LED lighting, and LED packaging devices , the global sales has expanded to nearly 100 countries and regions. At present, Ledman's main LED business covers five fields: LED display, LED lighting, LED packaging, LED energy saving, and LED media. Ledman (Group Headquarters) is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, and has a large-scale industrial manufacturing base in Zhongkai High-tech Development Zone, Huizhou, Guangdong. With a registered capital of 335 million yuan, it is the undertaking unit of the National Torch Project in 2010 and a high-tech enterprise recognized by the state. Possess the world's most advanced complete set of fully automatic optoelectronic manufacturing equipment; owns independent technology patents; through independent innovation, currently has a total of 198 technology patents, including 67 invention patents, 90 utility model patents, 41 appearance patents; master the latest international packaging Technology; R&D and manufacturing team with more than 12 years of experience, developed excellent LED product design and production skills. Lehman shares are committed to providing customers with high-quality products, services and solutions, creating more value to win customer trust and loyalty. Ledman adheres to the mission of "improve the industry level, create core value, and become the industry leader", relying on strong financial resources and talents, and is committed to insisting on innovation in the high-end LED field, insisting on leading, and contributing to the development of the national semiconductor lighting business and LED display application business make a contribution.


Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. ( "SANSI"), in 1993, Mr. Chen Bishou, with passion and dreams, resolutely gave up the generous and stable job in the National Research Institute at the age of 50, and set foot on the Started the entrepreneurial journey and founded Shanghai Sansi. Shanghai Sansi has a multi-disciplinary and inter-professional comprehensive R&D team of more than 400 people. The successfully developed independent innovative products mainly include: high-resolution, high-efficiency, energy-saving and reliable LED display, LED engineering lighting series with good heat dissipation, high luminous efficiency and reasonable light distribution, and Indoor LED lighting series led by LED bulbs that fully meet the requirements of replacing 100W incandescent lamps, innovative self-patented LED marine lamp series that meet the requirements of classification society certification, high CRI and high shadowless medical surgery LED shadowless lamps and 3D medical live broadcast Systems, ultra-high-density small-pitch LED displays that are ahead of their peers, and smart LED street lights that integrate the concept of smart cities, as well as the corresponding application solutions for the above products, the market share of many types of products exceeds 60%. Shanghai Sansi is the undertaking unit of the national 863 semiconductor lighting key research project. It has applied for 310 domestic and foreign patents, and has authorized 224 patents. Gold Award and Global Performance Excellence Award, First Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, Famous Brand in China, Shanghai Famous Brand Product, Excellent Enterprise of the First "Take-off Award" for Chinese Students Returning to China for Entrepreneurship, National 863 semiconductor lighting key research project undertaking unit and The 8th Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur Award and other honors.


Shenzhen AOTO Electronics Co., Ltd. ("AOTO", was founded in 1993 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in June 2011 with the stock code of 002587. The company is committed to providing intelligent video one-stop solutions for film and television, advertising, government and enterprises, leasing, education, banking, communications, postal services, landscape lighting, digital creativity and other industries. Up to now, it has 18 subsidiaries, including 5 overseas subsidiaries, with a total number of more than 1,400 people, of which about 400 are R&D personnel. The company is customer-oriented, takes technological innovation as the core, continuously expands the market externally, and builds an empowering management platform internally. Its business covers the world. Long-term partner, main products and intelligent video solutions have been widely used in FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Cup and other top international events, more than 70% of the world's large international airports, and more than 70,000 bank outlets nationwide. "AOTO" is a well-known brand at home and abroad.

8. LianTronics

Shenzhen Lianjian Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. ( "LianTronics") was established in 2003 and successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Growth Enterprise Market in 2011 with the stock code 300269. It is a leading LED display supplier in China. Provide domestic and foreign customers with overall solutions such as research and development, manufacturing, engineering installation and after-sales service of mid-to-high-end LED display equipment and display control systems. In recent years, on the basis of the original main business, based on the advanced LED display manufacturing technology and the business cooperation relationship with downstream media owners, Lianjian Optoelectronics has actively expanded the downstream advertising media industry vertically, in order to become a "Digital Outdoor Media Group" "Positive layout. In June 2012, Lianjian Optoelectronics established Linkage Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which is committed to building a national urban landmark outdoor LED advertising network, completing the first step from "equipment" to "media". In December 2013, Lianjian Optoelectronics announced the acquisition of 100% equity of Sichuan Timeshare Advertising Media Co., Ltd., the largest outdoor advertising media agency in China, successfully built an outdoor media resource platform, and completed the transition from "media" to "service" the second step. In September 2014, Lianjian Optoelectronics announced the acquisition of Shenzhen Yishida Electronics Co., Ltd., a listed company on the New Third Board, to continue to consolidate the leading LED communication equipment technology research and development capabilities, and strive to become the largest domestic LED communication equipment manufacturer; At the same time, it acquired Shanghai Friends 100% equity of Tuo Public Relations Consulting Co., Ltd., enter the upstream public relations communication and digital service industry of the advertising chain, open digital communication channels, form an online and offline integrated communication pattern, and realize the third step of "media" to "public relations". In April 2015, Lianjian Optoelectronics announced to acquire a 28.4% stake in Shenzhen Precision Focus Media Co., Ltd., a leading provider of comprehensive mobile marketing services, adding mobile interactive marketing and mobile advertising services to the company's "Digital Outdoor Media Group" industry chain. and strong customer resources. At present, Lianjian Optoelectronics is developing into a group enterprise integrating LED screen system suppliers, LED screen procurement replacements, and outdoor media operators. Among them, in the LED screen system business, the company is positioned as a mid-to-high-end screen system solution provider, providing professional LED digital display services to hundreds of countries (regions) around the world. Sales revenue ranks first in the industry, and overseas competitiveness has been significantly enhanced!


Xiamen Qiangli Jucai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. ( "QIANGLI") is a world-renowned supplier of LED display products and solutions, focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of LED photoelectric products. Powerful Jucai is a world-renowned manufacturer of LED display products, providing excellent visual intelligent display terminals for users, business users and home users in the global government public service field. The products are exported to more than 130 countries and regions around the world, and are widely used in Intelligent conference display, security monitoring, command center, radio and television broadcasting, exhibition display, stage rental, advertising media, digital signage, door window, smart city and other fields. Powerful Jucai adheres to the mission of "customer first, beautiful display, popularizing LED large display as its own responsibility, and creating a better life for employees", and is committed to bringing cutting-edge new display technology to the world and spreading it to any display application scene in the world. Users bring the ultimate LED display beauty experience.

10. Lopu

Nanjing Lopu Co., Ltd. ("Lopu") originated from the 14th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. It is the earliest institution in China to develop and produce large-scale LED displays. In 1994, it was restructured into a joint-stock company, and Luopu took a key step towards a modern enterprise. In the following 20 years, Lopu not only continued to take the lead in the field of LED display, but also gradually developed into a well-known system integration supplier in China. Class-A qualification, Class-A certificate of electronic engineering (electronic system) engineering design in the electronic communication, radio and television industry, Class-A certificate of building intelligent system engineering design, and the second-level qualification of computer information system integration awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and has passed ISO9001 Quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. In the past two decades, the key projects undertaken by Luopu include: Gezhouba Dam, Three Gorges Ship Lock Automatic Control System, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2009 11th National Games main venue LED display system, 2010 Shanghai World Expo Space Pavilion/Jiangsu Pavilion LED display system, parade float screen for the 60th anniversary of the National Day, LED display system of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway Nanjing South Station, high-speed railway PIS system (Beijing-Tianjin Line, Wuguang Line, Fuxia Line), Nanjing Railway Station Weak Current System, Nanjing Metro Line 1 Passengers Information system, passenger information system of Nanjing South Passenger Station, Nanjing Intelligent Traffic Control System, and weak current systems of dozens of airport terminals such as Capital International Airport. In recent years, the company has actively developed the international market and has achieved remarkable results in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa. Luopu always adheres to independent innovation, pays attention to personnel training, strict quality control, and meticulously provides customers with first-class products and services, and has established a good brand image and reputation in domestic and foreign markets.

The above is the summary and introduction of the top ten companies in the LED display. The ranking information and manufacturer introduction information are all from the Internet. I hope it will help you. At the same time, you are welcome to add or correct. Each LED display company has its own characteristics, advantages and areas of expertise. The content is for reference only. You are welcome to add more excellent LED display manufacturers/company and introduction information.