What Kind of Approval Procedures Can Be Used to Launch Outdoor LED Display Advertisements Normally?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-25 11:40 Views: 679

The application of LED display is more and more extensive, especially in outdoor advertising media. Next, the outdoor LED display manufacturers will talk about what approval procedures are required for installation to be able to put outdoor LED display advertisements normally.


What kind of approval procedures do outdoor display screens need to go through?

Adjust according to local conditions and set according to your advertising needs. For example, the front door of a small store only needs a small LED single-color and two-color screen or a full-color LED screen. There is no need to go through the formalities, just order the LED display and install it. If it is installed outdoors and used for outdoor media advertising, the relevant procedures must be completed before installing the LED display before it can be used normally.

The basic conditions for applying for outdoor advertising registration are as follows: legally obtain the same business qualifications as the application project, and have the ownership of the corresponding outdoor advertising media; meet the requirements of the local people's government and advertising management departments for the planning of outdoor advertising; install LED displays, provide The supporting documents required by the Outdoor Advertising Registration Certificate.

Provide the supporting documents required by the outdoor advertising registration certificate: copy of business license; copy of advertising contract (original); copy of advertising business license; outdoor advertising registration application form; copy of advertising space use agreement (original); installation of LED display, Provide a copy of the Advertising Site Use Agreement.

Outdoor LED display manufacturer Liancheng issued a final reminder: After three months of outdoor advertising level, if it is not allowed to publish, it should apply to the original registration authority for registration level.