What are The Advantages of the Conference Machine?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-02-23 13:35 Views: 654

The all-in-one conference machine is an intelligent interactive touch-type all-in-one machine, which is suitable for large and medium-sized innovative and high-tech enterprises in conference office, training and remote conferences and other scenarios. All functions in one, can meet a variety of purposes.

Uses: Enterprises, institutions, schools, training institutions, shopping malls, media studios, family leisure and entertainment.

The main function:

1. Compared with traditional projectors or electronic whiteboards, high-definition large screens are better in display. Adopt high-definition large-screen LCD panel, high resolution, delicate and smooth picture quality, pure and natural color, smooth transition of details. Even in a high-brightness environment, the picture is still clear and color-free.

2. Touch-type handwriting conference all-in-one generally supports infrared touch, and can directly write conference content on the screen with a pen or finger, and some can even meet the requirements of multiple people writing at the same time. Touch screen, write, erase, zoom in, zoom out, move content as you like, real-time response, accurate and fast response.

3. With the help of the corresponding hardware, the remote conference machine can transmit the instant scene of the conference in real time, without delay and high stability, and realize the face-to-face meeting in different places, so that the different places are like a room.

4. The multi-screen interactive conference all-in-one machine can realize wireless screen projection without using a data cable. Conference tablets and smartphones can realize multi-screen interaction, easily transfer files, and make meetings more efficient and convenient.

5. Scan the code to share and take away After the meeting is over, you need to save the file to modify or approve it. You can save the file on the all-in-one machine, generate a QR code, and scan it with your mobile phone to synchronously save it to the mobile phone, or save the meeting. The content is sent to the mailbox.

6. One-click screenshot Whether you are using the conference machine to explain PPT, PDF, forms, text or browsing the web, you can use the screenshot tool to capture important content, save the picture, and send it to your personal mailbox with one click to send business information in time .