Analysis of the working principle of naked eye 3D screen!

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In recent years, the naked-eye 3D big screen has become a "mess", and hundreds of cities across the country have successively built naked-eye 3D giant screens of local culture. At the same time, the naked-eye 3D screen has attracted the attention of many screen companies, such as the LED display scene of Liancheng Fa, which has also been applauded by the audience. Although the naked-eye 3D screen seems to be a breakthrough in traditional display, it is actually more "ordinary".

As we all know, the real world is a three-dimensional space. Except for the dimension of time, the real world consists of three dimensions: length, width and height. We live in this three-dimensional world every day, and most of the existing display devices can only Displaying two-dimensional information does not give people a real three-dimensional feeling. In order to make the displayed objects and scenes have a sense of depth (that is, 3D), people have carried out research on 3D display technology. After more than 20 years of development, very fruitful results have been achieved.


Glasses-free 3D displays are widely used in various fields such as advertising, media, demonstration teaching, exhibition display, and film and television. Different from the traditional binocular 3D display technology, the naked-eye 3D display has the unique characteristics of the naked eye, that is, the audience can enjoy the 3D effect without wearing glasses or helmets, and its realistic depth of field and stereoscopic effect greatly improves the audience. The visual impact and immersion in the viewing experience make it the best display product for product promotion, public promotion and video playback.

However, how does the audience perceive 3D without wearing any equipment?

The real world is a three-dimensional world. The images seen by the human eye when viewing objects have disparity. The deviation between two images is called disparity (parallax). It is this parallax that enables people to distinguish the distance of objects and obtain a sense of three-dimensionality. According to different parallax values, parallax can be divided into positive parallax (positive parallax), negative parallax (negative parallax) and zero parallax (zero parallax). When the audience is watching, positive parallax makes people feel that objects are deep into the screen; negative parallax makes people feel that objects are suspended outside the screen; zero parallax is the boundary between positive and negative parallax, and objects are just projected on the screen, that is, we The so-called zero plane. The stars are very far away from us at night in summer, and our line of sight is almost parallel to the stars. At this time, the parallax is close to zero, and it is difficult for the human eye to distinguish the distance of the stars. Therefore, we feel that the stars are equally far away from us, and the stars seem to be on the same plane. Stereoscopic.

The human brain is an extremely complex nervous system, which can produce a three-dimensional feeling by combining the two parallax images reflected in the eyes, the fusion reflex of the optic nerve center, and the visual psychological response. Using this principle, we can display two left and right images with parallax on the monitor, and send them to the left and right eyes respectively, so as to obtain a 3D sense.


Simply put, domestic naked-eye 3D technology is not considered cutting-edge display technology, but this technology allows people to see vivid three-dimensional images with the naked eye without wearing 3D auxiliary tools. The working principle of our naked eye 3D is to use people's left and right eyes to receive pictures at different positions, and then through the brain to superimpose and fuse the information of the two images to form a not only up-down, left-right, but also front-back, far -A close-up stereoscopic image.

The common types of naked-eye 3D display technology are divided into shutter type and polarized type. Shutter type means that by dividing the image into two frames by frame, two sets of pictures corresponding to the left eye and the right eye are formed, which are displayed continuously and interlaced. , The right eye can see the corresponding picture at a certain moment. The polarized type uses the principle that light has a "vibration direction" to decompose the original image. First, the image is divided into two groups of vertically polarized light and horizontal polarized light, and then the left and right 3D glasses use polarized lenses with different polarization directions. In this way, the left and right eyes of the person can receive two sets of pictures, and then the brain can synthesize the three-dimensional image. Comparing the two, the shutter-type naked-eye 3D screen has more applications.

The current naked-eye 3D technology is not really like a naked-eye 3D display, only the large screen has a strong stereoscopic effect when watching a specific video customized for the large screen at a specific angle, otherwise the image will be distorted. For example, when the viewer looks at a straight line in a plane from any angle, the straight line is a straight line, but when the straight line is placed in a profiled screen, when viewed only at the same height as the eye, the straight line will become an oblique line.

The naked-eye 3D screens that have exploded in popularity in recent years are, without exception, composed of two images from different angles. The display screen is folded 90°, using video material that conforms to the principle of perspective, the left screen displays the left view of the image, and the right side displays the image. The main view of the object, when people stand in front of the corner and watch, they can see the side and front of the object at the same time, presenting a realistic three-dimensional effect.

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