Which is Better, Conference All-in-one Machine or Traditional Projector?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-02-23 11:54 Views: 709

Which is better, conference all-in-one machine or traditional projector? Judging from the purchase records of conference room video systems, the purchase ratio of large-sized conference all-in-one machines has far exceeded that of traditional projectors. In addition, the function of the all-in-one conference machine has been paid more and more attention by people. Why is this?

Let's first analyze the traditional projector, which projects our computer screen or mobile phone information onto the screen, supports reading, but cannot increase interaction. The all-in-one conference machine has two configurations of infrared touch and capacitive touch, which is very advantageous in touch interaction. For example, annotate directly on the screen, mark key content, record meeting minutes, etc., and all this information can be taken away by scanning the code. Various intelligent system configurations and touch control systems make the conference all-in-one appear much more intelligent, rather than a single function.


In addition, the built-in wireless screen projection function of the conference all-in-one machine: it can be used on a desktop computer or laptop without connecting to the network or installing a program, inserting the USB wireless screen sharing button, and one-click screen sharing; at the same time, it supports wireless screen sharing through client software. , it can support 4 computers to wirelessly transmit the screen at the same time; support intelligent mobile terminal to push audio, video, picture, Office and other documents to the display terminal for playback; you can directly annotate and save the content of office and other documents on the large touch terminal screen; Built-in convenient writing board, single-point writing, two-point roaming and zooming, which cannot be achieved in traditional meeting formats. With the increase in the functionality of the all-in-one conference machine, customer demand has increased substantially, so the market share of the all-in-one conference machine will also increase.

Which one is better between a conference machine and a traditional projector is like a comparison between a computer and an abacus. Under the traction of the times, most areas of computing will be occupied by computers. The same is true of the intelligent conference all-in-one machine, which improves the efficiency of conferences and will be more and more popular with everyone.

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