The Arrival of the 5G Era is An Ppportunity and a Challenge for the LED Industry

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As the main development direction of future information and communication technology, 5G has been raised to a strategic height by major countries in the world. According to the plans of the three major domestic operators, 5G experimental networks will be launched in major cities in 2018, large-scale commercial trials will be conducted in 2019, and commercial deployment will officially begin in 2020. Although the United States and Australia have set up many obstacles and stumbling blocks for domestic companies due to the development of 5G in 2018, these cannot stop the arrival of the 5G era. The arrival of the 5G era has brought opportunities and adjustments to all walks of life. The LED display industry will also bring greater opportunities and challenges with the development of the 5G era. It can be said that the commercial use of 5G is about to start globally, and we are also ushering in a new era.

(1) With the start of 5G, the LED industry is ushering in a new era

5G technology has become a very hot word in recent years. As the name implies, 5G is the full name of the fifth-generation mobile phone mobile communication standard, also known as the fifth-generation mobile communication technology. The main goal of the 5G network is to keep the terminal target users in the network state all the time. 5G networks mean super-fast data transfer speeds. Compared with the previous generations of mobile communications, the fifth-generation mobile communication technology (5G) will provide more abundant services. Moreover, in the face of the differentiated performance requirements of diverse scenarios, it is difficult for 5G to use a single technology as before. Form the basis for solutions for all scenarios. Compared to existing 4G, as user demands increase, 5G networks focus on challenges that have not yet been realized in 4G, including higher capacity, faster data rates, lower end-to-end latency, lower overhead, large-scale equipment Connectivity and consistent quality of user experience. ,

The 5G era is approaching, and cases of 5G technology are gradually emerging. For example, at the Spring Festival Gala in 2019, CCTV turned its attention to this technology. For the first time, 5G network transmission of 4K ultra-high-definition content has been realized. But for the LED display industry, it is still an unfamiliar conceptual term, but with the continuous cross-border integration of LED display technology and the continuous mature development of 5G technology exploration, the integration of 5G and LED display will no longer It is a far-off thing. For LED display companies, the first thing is to really understand 5G technology. Only by knowing clearly, can LED display companies have better integration with 5G in the future, and can provide LED display The screen industry creates more valuable creative displays.

(2) The cross-border integration of LED displays will become a trend

How to combine 5G with LED display will also become a problem that must be considered in the LED display industry in the new era. The emergence of new technologies is an inevitable part of social development. The arrival of the 5G era is inevitable for the continuous advancement of technology. If LED display companies want to seize the 5G outlet, they must forge ahead actively, continue to in-depth study the potential market of 5G display in the future, and continue to deepen the development of emerging displays in the future.

First of all, LED display companies should use existing technical resources to carry out preliminary exploration of the 5G market. The arrival of the 5G era will fully open the era of the Internet of Everything, and the Internet of Everything will also bring the possibility of display to the LED display industry. The interconnection of everything needs to be finally presented through a display terminal, which brings huge market demand to the LED display industry. In addition, it will also bring earth-shaking changes to the display effect of the LED display. Today, with the continuous maturity of technology, there will be more and more cases of the combination of naked-eye 3D, VR, AR and Internet of Things in the field of stage beauty, bringing people more unique, high-precision, immersive At the same time, more advantages of LED display screen will be discovered. The development of network technology and the improvement of speed can organically connect the isolated LED display screens scattered around at a single point to form a unique visual experience. The sharing of resources achieves screen-to-screen interaction. At the same time, with the boom of smart cities, in terms of smart transportation, LED light pole screens in the outdoor field can also be equipped with 5G technology. The LED light pole screens are equipped with a large number of sensors to automatically adjust the brightness and display temperature, humidity, and camera images in real time. , people flow, and traffic flow, and collect these data and transmit it to the cloud, which has become one of the early entrances for big data collection in smart city construction.

(3) Opportunities in the LED display industry are also accompanied by challenges

Compared with 4G, the transmission speed of 5G network is faster, but it is still in the exploratory stage. In order to have the same larger radiation range, higher stability and wider coverage as 4G network, it is necessary to pay more. high cost. In the face of high costs, this is undoubtedly a huge problem for many LED display companies. If you want to get a share of this emerging market in the future, you also need to have enough capital and sufficient technology. . For display terminal customers, the perception of 5G is not obvious, and the progress of users' replacement to 5G is obviously not fast. How to make customers accept and use 5G is also a major problem that LED display manufacturers need to face. It is also necessary to educate consumer customers so that customers can adapt to the new display. This series of problems need to be actively explored and solved by LED display companies.

In addition, in the 5G era of the Internet of Everything, the faster the dissemination of public information and the more interconnectedness, the more important it is for the censorship of public information. Like the LED display, it is already one of the important means of public information dissemination. Countless LED displays are placed in the city center, pedestrian streets, and squares. The importance of information security is self-evident. If someone publishes inappropriate remarks or plays related videos through the Internet, the consequences will be disastrous. The LED display is becoming more and more intelligent, and the reliance on the network is also increasing. Many broadcast and displayed contents can be controlled remotely as long as there is a network, and the problem of network information security will also become prominent. As an important terminal information carrier, the network information security of LED display cannot be compromised. At the same time, it also calls on more display application companies, control system-related companies, and even operators to pay attention to this link and pay attention to the network security of LED displays. Make the LED display more secure.

(4) Conclusion

The application space of 5G in the future is limitless. Just as we cannot imagine the diversified applications in the current 4G era in the 2G era, most 5G application scenarios that can be imagined are just the tip of the iceberg, and more application exploration is needed in the 5G era. And from the current situation, LED display companies are seeking brand strategies to further enhance the added value of products. The advent of the 5G era is bound to bring changes to the LED display industry. On the road of 5G exploration, we must see the vitality and business opportunities brought by 5G to the LED display industry in the future, and we must also see the practical difficulties to be overcome. It is still a long road for the LED display industry to explore the future display of 5G.