LED Small-Pitch Display Public Security Command System Application Solution

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With the advancement of science and technology, the intelligent and dynamic characteristics of crime are becoming more and more obvious, and high-level crimes such as transnational and cross-border crimes and high-tech crimes are also increasing one after another. The comprehensive social security situation is no longer optimistic. At the same time, the contradiction between the heavy work tasks of the police and the relatively insufficient police force cannot be quickly resolved in a short period of time. With the increasingly heavy business tasks of the public security department, relying on the traditional method of receiving and handling police, it is difficult to meet the needs of the construction of a digital three-dimensional prevention system for real-time collection, transmission processing, monitoring and control of highly intelligent data. In order to cope with the opportunities and challenges of the rapid development of modern informatization, effectively solve the problem of relatively insufficient police force, and effectively enhance the crime-fighting ability of the current urban security situation, under the background of the rapid development of national science and technology and multimedia information, strengthen the public security system. Informatization construction is an urgent need to realize scientific and technological strengthening of police, effectively combat criminals, and improve the ability of police work. It is also an effective help for establishing a modern police mechanism, combating cyber and cross-border crimes, and comprehensively improving the combat effectiveness and work efficiency of police officers. , The only way to promote the transformation of police work to modernization is of great strategic and practical significance to promote the sustainable and leapfrog development of public security work. Under this background, the public security emergency command system came into being, providing a reliable and effective means for realizing rapid response and command decision-making.

LCF Group has been working in the LED display industry for more than ten years. Relying on its rich technical experience and in-depth understanding of the application requirements of the public security industry, it makes full use of the ultra-high resolution and ultra-high contrast display characteristics of LED small-pitch displays. According to the comprehensive display requirements of various departments within the industry, a complete set of intelligent information display system solutions have been developed.

1. Selection of large-screen splicing display system

In the field of indoor engineering display, there are four types of common large-screen splicing systems, namely DLP rear-projection splicing display system, LCD LCD splicing display system, projection and LED small-pitch splicing display system. As the technology of LED small-pitch displays tends to be stable and mature, the pixel pitch is getting smaller and smaller, and the definition is getting higher and higher. Unanimously recognized by customers, it gradually replaced the original DLP and LCD display solutions in this display application field and became the mainstream product in this display application field. So, what are the advantages of LED small-pitch display in this application field?

Second, LED display features:

The LED small-pitch display is a self-luminous display product. The brightness of the product is much higher than that of the DLP splicing screen, and the brightness can be adjusted. The LED small-pitch display is obviously better than the DLP splicing screen. Due to the high brightness of the LED display, on-site lighting, lighting and other lighting equipment will not affect the quality of the LED small-pitch display, and the entire display is very clear.

LED light-emitting diodes are new materials and new technologies. Due to the characteristics of materials, the luminous efficiency of LEDs is much higher than that of other light-emitting products. Under the same brightness, the power consumption of LED small-pitch display is lower than other similar display products.

2.1 Seamless stitching

The LED small-pitch display is a dense array of light-emitting points arranged on the circuit board. The product design adopts a borderless design, and the splicing between units can be completely seamless, while other similar display products are spliced about 1.5 The obvious gap of mm-3.5mm affects the viewing and use of the display screen.

2.2 High contrast, non-reflective

Shenzhen LCF Technology adopts unique LED lamp beads and inkjet technology, which greatly improves the contrast ratio of the LED screen, so that it will not affect the low-gray display due to other factors such as reflection in a dark environment, and enhance the visual effect of the LED; stray light interference. The color reproduction is more realistic, and there will be no phenomenon of cross color, trailing and color interference, making the display effect more pure, clear, and more realistic.

2.3 Thin product thickness and small installation space

The LED small-pitch display is light and thin in structure and takes up little space, making it very suitable for indoor installation.

3. Project Background

Project Location: XXX City Public Security Branch - Command Center

Project environment: It is a multimedia information publishing system integrating computer technology, network technology, communication technology, graphic image technology, database technology and information processing technology;

Objectives to be achieved: To meet the needs of daily work as the starting point, and at the same time to meet the needs of police monitoring and supervision under the normal state of the public security, and the needs of coordinated disposal, command and dispatch under the emergency state, and to meet all the needs of the command center for dispatch, display, and remote control. Strong forward-looking.

1. The display system needs to support SD, HD and UHD displays, and can open any window (6 windows)

 Six-window display (including 1 ultra-high-definition window and 5 high-definition windows)

2, 9 window display

 Nine-window display (including 9 high-definition windows)

Functional requirements: The system supports the integration and display of data imported in real time by multiple departments such as public security, transportation, fire protection, and emergency services, and can deeply correlate data from different sources to facilitate overall analysis by managers. The security hidden dangers that are difficult to be found in the channel, and the processing instructions are quickly dispatched to various functional departments. It can also establish an early warning mechanism for various focus alarm situations, automatically monitor the development status of various focus alarm situations, give early warning to various abnormal changes, and link various emergency resources to conduct unified command and dispatch to achieve rapid response to emergencies. .

4. Scheme design

The basic guiding ideology and principles of the design of the full-color LED display system of this scheme are: overall planning, demand-oriented, application-driven construction, and at the same time consider a high starting point, high integration, combination of practicability and advanced nature, safety, ease of use Usability, forward-looking.

The command hall has the function of big data cloud transmission and big data processing, including information collection and command information. The monitoring pipe network in the city is connected to the command hall in different areas, and each area is divided into large-screen display areas. The information of the special action group is not displayed as usual, but only displayed when there is a danger (such as the display of aerial photography groups, individual combat groups, and special vehicles). . The overall command hall is divided into command system, display system, lighting system, audio system, air conditioning system, conference system, power system and big data storage and processing system. permissions.

Subsystem Description

Command system: There are general commander, dispatch center, and regional commanders. Each system includes a desktop display system, audio system, and lighting system. If there is a major danger in the area, the sub-control of each area will send out sound and light signals to indicate that there is an abnormality. After the commander-in-chief negotiates, an instruction is given to the dispatch center, which is executed by the dispatch center, and sent to the public security, fire protection, transportation, medical system, etc. for processing.

Display system: The large screen is used as the main display of the system, and the dispatching center divides the area uniformly. The commander-in-chief, dispatching center, and each regional commander have desktop display devices. The monitoring pipe network is all connected to the display system, and enough spare connections are reserved. Entry point for the special operations team, each meeting room is connected to the display system.

Lighting system: mainly by hall lighting, abnormal situation display, emergency light display, etc.;

Audio system: The audio of the monitoring pipe network in each area is also connected to the system, and there is an audio system in each single system;

Air-conditioning system: The air-conditioning system is also connected to the collaboration system accordingly, and is set in advance by the dispatch center;

Conference system: The conference system in the hall is processed by the collaboration system, and the conference system in the conference room is connected to the conference system in the hall and processed in the conference room;

Power system: use dual power supply, that is, there are two main incoming lines, and they come from different power supply units. The two-way power supply can automatically switch to each other in the power distribution system (with dual-way power switching device STS). When one power supply fails, it can automatically switch to the other. An anti-surge suppressor is required at the power input. An AC uninterruptible power supply system UPS is added to the front end of the power distribution equipment, and is connected to a diesel generator set;

Big data storage and processing system: used for storage and processing, feedback from various regions, sorting and statistics.

4.1 Product selection

This solution recommends using Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd. small-pitch LED module series:

Excellent picture quality, ultra-high refresh rate, make the picture more delicate;

Use standardized design to make applications more widely through cell boards;

Super protection, uniform ink color, dust mask;

Double energy saving, PWM-SS drive, dynamic energy saving;

Unlimited splicing, seamless splicing, dynamic energy saving;

Ultra-wide viewing angle, 160° ultra-wide viewing angle, wide field of vision.

4.2 Product parameters


4.3 Product Prototype


4.4 System Design

This project uses a full-color synchronous control system, which converts the standard DVI signal output by the computer graphics card into the signal required by the LED small-pitch screen itself, and adds grayscale processing algorithms, color gamut space transformation and other algorithms in the signal conversion process. , and send various control commands to the large screen, grayscale, and the working status of the display.


4.5 Introduction of Video Splicer:

The image stitching processing system is mainly composed of an intelligent display and control host and a central manager. The intelligent display and control host accesses the platform monitoring video and network camera signals from the network, decodes the local signal and outputs it to the LED small-pitch screen, and the central management server manages All equipment of the display control system, through the display control system, can preview and view any signal source, and can realize any combination and mixed application such as image stitching, window opening, and roaming. Supports unconventional splicing, supports multiple splicing methods, users can switch any combination according to their needs, and the operation is simple. It can be easily configured by dragging in the client and tablet IPAD.

LED splicing processor is a splicing processor specially developed for LED splicing. Especially for the irregular splicing method of large LED screens and the effective display area of each splicing display unit, a unique design is carried out, which greatly simplifies the operation steps and significantly improves the display effect.

The multi-screen splicing processor is a high-performance video image processing workstation with pure hardware architecture and no operating system, which can display multiple dynamic images on multiple screens to realize the function of multi-window splicing. It is specially designed for high-quality display of multiple images, especially for flexible control of different types of screens and resolutions. Applicable to education and scientific research, government announcements, information publishing, administrative management, military command, exhibitions, security monitoring, home appliance sales and other industries.

The splicing processor integrates high-end image processing functions such as high-definition video signal acquisition, real-time high-resolution digital image processing, and three-dimensional high-order digital filtering, and has powerful signal processing capabilities. This product adopts large-capacity high-speed FPGA array and CrossPoint digital multi-bus data routing exchange processing mechanism, which fundamentally guarantees full real-time processing and data consistency for all input signal sources, no image delay, no discretization, and no frame loss. , to achieve the perfect rendering of the image.

The processor supports a variety of signal source input modes, including composite video (DVD or camera signal), computer signal (VGA or DVI signal), high-definition digital signal (HDMI or high-resolution DVI, DP, HDMI1.4 signal), network IP signal etc. For computer video signals, it can support various common resolutions, and can realize custom unconventional resolutions.

The splicing controller can output DVI-I signal, HDMI, SDI, HDMI1.4 DVI double chain, optical fiber or twisted pair digital signal, support RGB (analog) / DVI (digital) output at the same time, which means that it can be normal on the large screen While displaying, output the signal backup to another set of large screens, and some models also support dual DVI-I channel backup.


Standardized chassis design

The size of the equipment box adopts a standard 19-inch chassis design that conforms to ANST/EIA RS-310-C/D, and can be easily installed into a standard 19-inch wide server cabinet. The installation process is simple and the fixing performance is stable. The standard rack-mounted design makes your wiring more convenient and beautiful, and the standard industrial size is more convenient for the installation and deployment of large-scale equipment.

CrossPoint switching technology

The motherboard adopts huge data exchange chip technology and high-speed broadband bus, which completely eliminates the bottleneck problem of slow and unstable display speed of the splicing system caused by the low bandwidth of the multi-screen processor data bus. The multi-screen processor adopts the CrossPoint full-cross scheduling architecture high-speed data transmission technology, the underlying data transmission is controlled by the data scheduling chip, and each signal has a dedicated channel for transmission, which ensures complete real-time display of all signal images, and the signal display speed reaches 60 frames. /second.

FPGA Architecture

It adopts all-hardware FPGA architecture, built-in core computing mechanism, and has excellent image processing performance. There is no embedded operating system, the startup speed is fast (about 5 seconds), and there is no crash, hardware conflict, blue screen, and computer virus troubles of industrial computer equipment. Mean time between failures MTBF> 30,000 hours, high stability, support 365 × 24 hours of continuous operation, and can adapt to the increasingly stringent requirements of system performance in conference rooms, control rooms, dispatch centers, monitoring centers and other places.

Hot-swappable board design

Input capture card, output card, switch card, control card, fan, power supply and other main modules are all plug-in card design. The flexible board-type design brings great convenience to daily use and maintenance. When replacing the faulty component, it is not necessary to disassemble the chassis, just remove the faulty module and replace it. The input and output boards can be hot-swapped in working state, without restarting or refreshing the device, without affecting the display of other signals, without causing abnormal working state of the device, and truly realizing the "instant online switching" of the board. When the equipment is expanded, there is no need to shut down the system. It is only necessary to insert the board into the corresponding card slot in the running state of the equipment to realize the online expansion of the system, which ensures the stability of the working system to the greatest extent.

Flexible configuration of various scales

There are a variety of equipment models, a variety of optional chassis scales, each model has a different maximum input and output channels to adapt to different sizes of system scales.

Support screen roaming

Each window can roam freely in the output screen, and can be displayed on any one or more large screens. The screen display has no boundary restrictions on the area.

Support multi-screen split display

Each output channel can display up to sixteen screens of CVBS analog video.

Supports arbitrary zooming of the screen

The screen size of each window can be scaled arbitrarily, and the height and width can be enlarged or reduced individually or in combination. The unique video processing algorithm ensures that the picture quality is not lost. There is no size limit when the screen is zoomed out, and when the screen is zoomed in, it can fill the entire field of view.

Support any overlay of the screen

It can realize independent stacking and layout of up to four pictures on a single screen (analog video can support sixteen pictures), and the hierarchical relationship and layout position of each picture can be customized arbitrarily, not constrained by each other and the size of the image space, and each picture can be adjusted arbitrarily. The upper and lower layers of each screen are convenient for users to call key images for viewing.

Support screen cropping

The device not only supports the black edge removal of analog video signals, but also supports the edge removal and cropping functions of all high-resolution digital signals, which makes the control methods for the picture more abundant and diverse, and can perfectly solve the front-end signal (especially non-standard cameras). output signal) caused by the black border problem.

Support partial enlargement of the screen

By cropping the image, the partial magnification function of the image can be realized, and the image processed by the scaling line can be displayed in any position of the channel without loss. This function can help users to efficiently view the key area information in the image, making the system work more efficiently.

Support picture abnormal correction

The abnormal picture offset caused by various reasons can be corrected, so that the offset image can be displayed on the large screen normally, and the image correction of the abnormal picture can be easily realized.

Functional performance

Support unconventional splicing

Support any splicing method composed of different rectangular display units. After setting the splicing method of large screens and the effective display area of each single screen in the control software, you can perform windowing, zooming, roaming and other operations just like traditional processors, without any additional operations, greatly reducing operational complexity.

5. Introduction to system power distribution

Using PLC intelligent power distribution cabinet, the system has automatic control function, which can complete the step-by-step power-on of the display screen, and timely transmit the power consumption and fault information of the system to the control center


The LED display should have an independent power distribution system. The power distribution system adopts a three-phase five-wire system for power supply. The power distribution system ensures three-phase balance and reduces the impact on the power grid.

The power distribution cabinet is equipped with air switches, fuses, AC contactors, current transformers, voltage transformers, power lightning arresters, etc. The power distribution cabinet door is also equipped with ammeters, voltmeters, knob switches and indicator lights. The main switch in the power distribution cabinet is made of Schneider brand devices, and all other accessories and wires have the "CCC" certification as required.

The design of the LED display system should be moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-high temperature, anti-corrosion, anti-burning, anti-static, anti-vibration, and the system has the functions of smoke alarm and temperature rise alarm.