Can the Size of the LED Display be Made Arbitrarily?

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Everyone knows that the full-color LED large screen supports customization, so can the size be made arbitrarily? Is this situation achievable? With such a question, let's take a look at the editor of LCF.

In theory, the size of the LED full-color screen can be unlimited, but the reality is as follows:

At present, the outdoor full-color LED display is made up of waterproof boxes. The size of the box is generally about 1 square meter. If it is too large, it is inconvenient for transportation, installation and maintenance. If it is too small, it increases the production cost and purchase cost. The indoor LED display is a unit board module splicing, and also uses a simple box.

1. Watch the visuals

The LED full-color screen is mainly viewed by human eyes, and the visual distance and effect of human eyes are limited. The viewing distance is long, the screen is made large, and the viewing distance is short, the screen is made small.

For example, the indoor LED full-color screen, the general viewing distance is only a few meters or even tens of meters, so it is decided that the indoor screen area is not large, generally within 20 square meters. For outdoor LED displays, the viewing distance is relatively long, generally tens of meters, so the screen area will be relatively large, more than 30 square meters.


2. Price cost

At present, the price of full-color LED display screens is several thousand yuan per square meter. Others include steel structures, accessories, control cards, etc. The bigger the price, the higher the price budget. In theory, it can be infinitely larger, but the price will be an astonishing figure, and no one can afford it.

3. Maintenance issues

The larger it is, the more difficult it is to maintain and manage. Once a problem occurs, maintenance and troubleshooting are also more troublesome. It is also a huge test for manpower.

4. Installation location environment

This indoor restricted space limitation, needless to say. For outdoors, there isn't enough open space to support a screen that can be large enough.

Therefore, only from the above four aspects, we can see that it is impossible to make it arbitrarily large in real life, and the current largest display screen can reach several thousand square meters, which is regarded as a limit.

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