The difference between lcd and led screen?

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LCD and LED are two common display types, and they are suitable for different display scenarios. LED display has gradually become the mainstream display device on the market, more popular than LCD. But most people do not have a clear understanding of lcd display and led display, so what is the difference between the two? Which would be better? The following Liancheng Xiaobian will bring you the relevant introduction of the difference between lcd screen and led screen.

The difference between lcd screen and led screen

1. The display technology is different from the display effect

LCD is a display screen composed of liquid crystals. Due to the backlight layer, it emits light by refracting light, the color saturation is not so high, the display effect is more natural, and it is not easy to get tired after watching it for a long time. LED is a display screen composed of light-emitting diodes. It can emit light by itself, and each pixel can project the light of three primary colors of red, green and blue, so the display effect is more vivid and full.

The light-emitting principle of LCD mainly relies on the backlight layer, which is usually caused by a large number of LED backlight lamps. Arrangement, and finally adjust the ratio of red, green and blue; LED does not need a backlight layer like LCD screen, nor does it need a liquid crystal layer that controls the amount of light, LED can emit light by itself, so LED is like a combination of countless small colored light bulbs screen.


2. Thickness and power consumption are different

In terms of thickness, the lcd is thicker due to the existence of the backlight layer and the liquid crystal layer. And LED is very easy to make the mobile phone thin, and it also provides the possibility for the appearance of bendable screen and folding screen in the future. In terms of power consumption, as soon as the LCD is turned on, its entire backlight layer will be turned on, and it can only be turned on or off, and the power consumption is high. Each pixel of the LED works independently and can light up some pixels independently, so the power consumption of the LED screen will be lower.

3. Screen life is different

The lcd uses inorganic materials, which have a slow aging rate and a long life. The led uses organic materials, so the life of the led screen is not as good as that of the lcd screen.

4. Different functions

LED: It is a kind of semiconductor diode, which can convert electrical energy into light energy. It is often used as a lamp or as a display.

LCD: is the acronym of Liquid Crystal Display, which means "liquid crystal display", which is often used as a liquid crystal display.

5. Different performance

LED: Small size, low power consumption, more energy saving and environmental protection.

LCD: Compared with LED, it is larger in size, but the color is bright.

6. The main application range is different

LED: car signal lights, LED displays, instrumentation indicators, household energy-saving lamps.

LCD: Liquid crystal display.

7. Different advantages


(1) High efficiency and energy saving

It only consumes a few kWh of electricity for 1,000 hours (ordinary 60W incandescent lamps consume 1 kWh of electricity for 17 hours, and ordinary 10W energy-saving lamps consume 1 kWh of electricity for 100 hours)

(2) Super long life

The semiconductor chip emits light, no filament, no glass bubble, not afraid of vibration, not easy to break, and the service life can reach 50,000 hours (the service life of ordinary incandescent lamps is only 1,000 hours, and the service life of ordinary energy-saving lamps is only 8,000 hours)

(3) Health

Healthy light The light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, and does not produce radiation (ordinary light rays contain ultraviolet and infrared rays)

(4) Green and environmental protection

It does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, which is conducive to recycling and does not produce electromagnetic interference (ordinary lamps contain elements such as mercury and lead, and electronic ballasts in energy-saving lamps will produce electromagnetic interference)

(5) Protect eyesight

DC drive, no stroboscopic (ordinary lights are AC driven, it will inevitably produce stroboscopic)


(1) Since the CRT display relies on the electromagnetic field generated by the deflection coil to control the electron beam, and because the electron beam cannot be absolutely positioned on the screen, the CRT display often has different degrees of geometric distortion and linear distortion. And LCD will not have any geometric distortion and linear distortion due to its principle problem, which is also a big advantage.

(2) Compared with the traditional CRT, the liquid crystal also performs well in terms of environmental protection. This is because there are no high-voltage components like the CRT inside the LCD, so it will not cause the X-ray exceeding the standard due to high voltage, so its radiation Indicators are generally lower than CRT.

(3) The biggest advantage of LCD compared with traditional CRT is power consumption and volume. For traditional 17-inch CRT, its power consumption is almost 80W

On the other hand, the power consumption of 17-inch LCD is mostly around 40W. In this way, LCD has obvious advantages in energy saving.

8. Disadvantages are different

LED: The color performance is poor, the light is too bright, it will strongly irritate the eyes, and you cannot look directly.

LCD: Not environmentally friendly, high power consumption, but the color is mild and not dazzling.

It can be seen that the LCD display screen is composed of liquid crystals, so its service life is longer, but its fully-on and fully-off backlight layer increases its power consumption rate. The LED display screen is composed of light-emitting diodes and has a short service life, but each pixel of it is a light-emitting body, which reduces its power consumption rate during use. This is the difference between lcd and led screen sorted out by LCF Xiaobian. I hope it will be helpful to everyone, and welcome everyone to add or correct it. LCF is a world-leading provider of LED display applications and solutions, as well as a national-level specialized, special, and new little giant enterprise. The main business covers "smart city", "cultural tourism business performance", "commercial display project", "content technology" four major sections, with the world's leading automated production equipment and modern post-doctoral research laboratory and perfect sales and services team. Friends who want to buy LED display can also contact us, LCF LED display manufacturer, a big country brand, trustworthy!