How to Realize Terminal Management of Outdoor LED Light Pole Screen?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-07-19 16:58 Views: 609

The big data management platform can centrally manage, control and monitor all multi-function poles and mounted devices, and can be compatible with the secure communication protocols of all systems and devices to protect information transmission. data exchange between.

Information release: In the background system, information release and batch information release (policy publicity, spiritual civilization transmission, tourism information, weather condition push) are directed to the LED light pole screen.

Sensitive interception: The management platform can manage users, logs, data, etc. in a unified manner, with monitoring and warning functions.


Publishing information (videos, pictures, text, etc.), after desensitization and declassification processing, the background management platform can automatically intercept sensitive words, intercept pornography and fraudulent reactionary processing, and automatically give early warnings and notify managers in time to avoid bad information. broadcast, causing adverse effects on society. In the background, the system password needs to be changed regularly, and user permissions are regularly approved to prevent unauthorized access to the system.

Intelligent monitoring: The information of surrounding air quality, wind direction, noise, temperature and humidity, and smoke is uploaded to the background system through the sensor. At the same time, an external camera is installed on the smart light pole to monitor the surrounding scene in real time, and the picture is sent back to the system background through the control card, so as to realize the comprehensive capture and utilization of big data, and further improve the intelligent management of the city.

Intelligent analysis: realize face recognition, vehicle recognition, crowd gathering early warning, traffic monitoring, behavior analysis and investigation and control, etc.

Remote monitoring: The display function of the information release screen can be centrally managed and controlled remotely. View the important data of the light pole screen online in real time, understand its working status, query and locate. When the display screen fails, the cloud server will automatically notify the user of the situation in the form of email/SMS.

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