Shopping Mall lLED Display Solution

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Shopping mall LED display design features:

1) The system design is advanced and reasonable, the display effect is stable, and the installation and maintenance are convenient. Shopping mall LED display design features:

2), all-weather work: vivid color, high refresh rate, anti-static, dust-proof, good heat dissipation effect, high cost performance.

3) Display mode: move left and right, move up and down, pull the screen left, pull the screen right, open and close in the middle, flash, display and other methods.

4), using the program editing and playing software, you can edit, add, delete and modify text, graphics, images and other information through the mouse. The programmed content is stored in the control card, and the information playback is automatically displayed in a loop according to the program table.

5), strong luminous brightness: within the visual distance, when the sun directly hits the screen surface, the display content is still clearly visible.

6), good viewing angle: there is a large viewing angle in both horizontal and vertical, which is suitable for environments with wide horizontal distribution and large height drop.

7), good effect: using non-linear point-by-point correction technology, the text is clearer and the sense of hierarchy is stronger;

8), strong reliability: using distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, higher reliability and stability;

9) Diversified display modes: support a variety of display modes;

10) Convenient operation: The edited contents of the computer are sent to the system control card, and the edited contents can be displayed, and the system operation is very convenient.


Reliability and advanced requirements of LED display in shopping malls:

2.4.1 General requirements

The display body adopts standard module design, the whole screen body is composed of identical unit modules, which can be interchanged, and the service life of the system is more than ten years.

2.4.2 Switching power supply

Use industrial-grade well-known brands

5V/40A or 5V/50A, through the relevant safety certification.

2.4.3 Indoor adaptability

* Product anti-corrosion - the exposed part of the display screen has good anti-corrosion ability and can fully adapt to various local weather;

*The product is resistant to cold and thermal expansion and deformation - the structural design is reasonable, and the factors that cause the deformation caused by the cold and thermal expansion to the Maipu Guangcai display screen are fully considered. The structural parts have independent intellectual property rights and are manufactured by independent modules.

2.4.4 Dust-proof treatment The front of the P2.5 full-color LED display adopts a dust-proof mask treatment design, which can effectively prevent dust.

2.4.5 Antifreeze

It is required to use anti-freezing epoxy resin, anti-freezing circuit boards, and well-known brands for the board, which can work in a low temperature (-20 ℃) environment.

2.4.6 Anti-glare treatment

The mask on the front of the display should have anti-glare and sub-black treatment to effectively improve the contrast and color purity of the display.

2.4.7 Product Maintenance

Unit modular design, simple and convenient, low cost, can realize single lamp maintenance;

Adopting the back maintenance design, the maintenance is convenient and quick;

2.4.8 Lightning protection and earthquake resistance

Each module unit board is grounded in series; the display signal transmission has a special circuit for lightning protection design; it is required to adopt a large margin design to enhance the earthquake resistance without affecting the load-bearing capacity.


Shopping mall LED display support structure, frame structure, power cable, communication cable layout design:

In view of this project, a detailed and thorough plan has been made in engineering construction to ensure that it is effective and possible. The screen lift system adopts national standard steel. The structure is firm, the craftsmanship is beautiful, and the appearance is well-proportioned: power cable, communication cable wiring design It is required to follow the national engineering safety and construction standards, separate wiring for weak and strong currents, and achieve safe, stable, and efficient use of power energy. Lianchengfa Group Mall LED Display Strength Manufacturer

There are complete quality management documents, including:

"IQC Incoming Inspection Specification"

"IPQC Process Inspection Specification"

"QA Finished Product Inspection Specification"

"Supplier Evaluation Criteria"

"Nonconformity Corrective and Preventive Action Management"

Shopping mall LED display hardware technical indicators:

Required computer hardware indicators: desktop computer with industrial computer or above (for editing and transmission of content displayed on the display)

Display control system: The built-in DVI interface is used to display the main control card, and it has an external transmitter, which can use a notebook to send content to the display.

Large control area: the largest support is up to 1920x1280. That is, 1280 rows, 1920 columns; this is an area that is far beyond the reach of ordinary computers.

Image color processing should have advanced video processing technologies such as λ correction technology, noise reduction, and chromaticity space conversion.

Adopt the latest DVI interface technology.

Video input should support: support for video, S-Video, TV and other formats of image signal synchronous input and broadcast.

Functions of shopping mall LED display control software:

The standard WINDOWS graphic man-machine interface is adopted, the interface is intuitive, vivid and easy to operate, which provides the possibility for users to quickly operate and realize various functions. The use of the control software is only used after the main controller has handed over the control rights. It is controlled by the computer, and various operating instructions issued by it realize the control of the input signal and the display screen. The control functions that can be completed are as follows:

The brightness of the input analog signal can be set.

The contrast of the input analog signal can be set.

The saturation of the input analog signal can be set.

The aspect ratio of the input analog signal can be set

You can set the resolution that supports the input analog signal, namely 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768.

The horizontal position of the image for the input analog signal can be set.

The vertical position of the image for the input analog signal can be set.

Image scaling of the input analog signal can be set.

You can set the red, green and blue components of the input analog signal.

The gamma correction value of the input analog signal can be set.

The brightness of the display can be set.

The horizontal position of the image on the display can be set.

The vertical position of the image on the display can be set.

You can control the brightness of the display to gradually increase to a preset value when the display is turned on.

Support automatic switch display function.

(2) Function of playback software

The standard WINDOWS graphic man-machine interface is adopted, the interface is intuitive, vivid and easy to operate, which provides the possibility for users to quickly operate and realize various functions. Mainly complete all kinds of text, graphics editing and production.

The font of the edited information can be selected (complies with the national standard font library).

The font size of the edited information can be selected.

You can set the time, sequence, interval, etc. of the files to be played.

You can set the special mode of playing the file, that is, blinds, zoom in, left in, right in, up, down, mosaic, fade in and fade out, scan line in, expand in, shrink out, zoom out, erase Dozens of special effects such as exit.

You can edit, add, delete, modify, and adjust the played files.

Supported file format types

Still pictures Support BMP/JPG/GIF/PNG format.

Static text TXT text format is supported.

Dynamic video MPEG, M1V, AVI, etc.

2D, 3D animation Animation GIF, FLC.

The program list can be set in advance, and the program can be set to play the program in a loop according to the sequence of the program list, which has achieved the purpose of unmanned operation.

Power distribution and control of LED display in shopping malls:

Scientific and reliable power distribution design

2.7.1 Power supply mode

AC 220V power supply.

2.7.2 Voltage Variation Range

Normal value ±15%, 50Hz ±5%.

2.7.3 Average power consumption: 600 W/m2

2.7.4 Maximum power consumption: 1300w/㎡

2.7.5 Power distribution system and its functions

1) All hardware equipment must comply with the relevant national standards and standards for electronics majors. See the attachment for the standards.

2) The power distribution box is controlled by the programmable logic controller, and the power load is put into the power grid step by step to reduce the current impact of the screen system on the power supply network.

3) The distribution box is equipped with protection devices such as overcurrent, short circuit, open circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, and temperature, and at the same time, necessary indicating devices are added to facilitate the maintenance of faults.

4) The resistance of the protective ground wire to the earth is less than 4 ohms, and a three-phase five-wire system is required for power supply. In addition, it is necessary to use a signal ground independent of the protective ground for the use of the network system and the distributed control system.

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