The Solution of LED Display in Sports Events and Venues

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The application of LED display is more and more extensive. On the one hand, due to the far-reaching influence of modern media, advertising is particularly important; on the other hand, the maturity of LED display technology, many forms and functions of LED display And, it makes it possible to apply it in many occasions. LED display has also become an indispensable configuration in stadiums and events.

With the advantages of excellent brightness, color, life, and application flexibility, LED displays have been widely used in many sports events at home and abroad, including opening and closing ceremonies, information displays inside and outside the venue, and displays around the venue, etc. There are more and more application cases. More and more Chinese-made and intelligent LED displays are used in large-scale competitions at home and abroad, laying a solid foundation for establishing a national brand.

Due to the special environment of the stadium, the use and manufacture of LED displays are also different from other displays. Stadium LED display products are designed for all kinds of large-scale outdoor sports fields and competition fields, and meet the installation requirements of fence, hoisting and stacking. It is not only necessary to display the timing and scoring of the game in real time, but also to achieve a clear display effect and enable high-definition broadcast.

1. Classification of LED displays in stadiums

1. LED fence screen

The LED display around the football field is the fence screen, which is mainly used to play commercial advertisements, and can also play back the wonderful footage on the field. The LED fence screen is composed of multiple cabinet screens. The weight and connection method of each cabinet are precisely designed to ensure the rapidity of disassembly and assembly. Effectively prevent players from being injured by falling.


2. Full color LED large screen

It is more common on the NBA arena. It is used to play wonderful game pictures at the scene of the game, and replay them in slow motion, so that the audience does not miss any wonderful pictures.


3. Timing and scoring LED display

The competition is generally determined by the score. The timing and scoring LED display carries the heavy responsibility of calculating the score of the competition. It is connected with the timing and scoring system of the competition, and broadcasts the players' competition results and related information, from the meaning of the competition. In terms of the above, the LED display for timing and scoring is more important. Some venues may not have a large video screen, but they cannot be without an LED display for timing and scoring. The key of timing and scoring LED display is instant, accurate and clear, and on this basis, try to achieve vivid and stronger expressiveness.

2. Precautions for the use of LED displays in stadiums

1. Requirements for installation location and screen brightness

The installation position of the LED display in the stadium needs to ensure that more than 95% of the audience with fixed seats in the stadium can watch it effectively, and the sight distance and vision are wide. At the same time, it is required that the content of the LED display screen can be easily and clearly seen by the athletes, coaches and referees at the game site. Different stadiums also need to choose LED displays with different brightness due to different light.

2. Safety requirements for LED display

Sports venues have a large flow of people, so it is necessary to ensure the safety of both athletes and spectators. The LED display of the stadium should have the functions of smoke detection, lightning protection, automatic fire alarm and automatic screen shutdown, and the power distribution cabinet should have the function of overload protection, leakage protection and step-by-step power-on.

3. The display content can be controlled in real time

The LED display of the stadium requires a rolling timing that displays the game in real time; it can display the rolling game results; it can turn pages to display the game results; the displayed text content can be switched automatically and manually. For a full-color LED display with graphic and video display functions, automatic and manual switching between text and pictures, animations, and live broadcast images should be possible.

3. Solution provider of LED display solutions for stadiums

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