Product Parameter


Cabinet Size:500*1000*70mm

Cabinet Weight:8.5KG

Cabinet Material: die-casting aluminum

Pixel Pitch:P6.944

Refresh Rate:≥3840Hz

Key Features

Offer competitive, reliable scene solutions to customers

  • Super high protection

    Dust-proof, waterproof and resist low and high temperature

    Protection level up to IP65

  • Super lightweight design

    The outer frame is full aluminum, light and safe

    Variety of shapes, support 90° assembly

  • Ultra high ventilation

    Hollow out design, super windproof

    Efficient heat dissipation and low energy consumption

  • Super high transparency

    The transparent rate is as high as 70%

    Large visual angle, high strength and not easy to deform

  • Ultra-high refresh rate

    High gray level and high refresh rate

    Refresh rate≥3840Hz

  • Highly integrated

    Built-in power supply and receiving card, the unit works independently

    One-line power signal connection, beautiful and practical


Super thin design, lightweight and safe

Lightweight and thin frame is more convenient for assembly and disassembly

Hollow out design, transparent rate up to 70%, to achieve perfect day-lighting

Super high and all-round protection

Dust-proof, waterproof, lightning proof and resist low temperature, protection level up to IP65Super windproof, high efficiency heat dissipation, low energy consumption


The picture is exquisite and lifelike, easy to restore color

Support 90° assembly to create a variety of shapesExcellent graphics display brings you the visual feast of UHD picture


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