Learn Two Tricks to Easily Solve the Problem of LED Display Power Saving

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-07-06 Views: 2112

The LED display is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. The power per square meter is relatively low. The utilization rate of the LED display in the market is getting higher and higher, and the area is getting larger and larger. The power consumption of the LED display is also a problem that users are more and more concerned about. . How to make LED display save power?  

As a new type of display technology, LED display is known for its high brightness and high energy saving. It is displayed by small light-emitting diodes inside, so it is more power-saving compared to other display products. , but it is only relative. If your display screen is large and colorful, its power consumption per square is 300-600W. Displays using different technologies have large differences in power consumption. Common displays include CRT, LCD and LED displays. Of these three types of displays, CRT consumes the most power, followed by LCD and LED the least. Taking a common LED display (refers to a liquid crystal display with LED lighting as an example), the general power consumption is about 25W.  


If it is a monochrome LED display, the power consumption per square meter is about 150-200W per hour, which is also related to your display method. The maximum power consumption of the outdoor LED display (full color) is about 800W/square, that is to say, when the outdoor LED display reaches the maximum power (peak value) every moment, the power consumption per square hour It will be 0.8 kWh.


Calculation of power consumption of LED display: Generally, the maximum power consumption is calculated by the number of points. The LED display power supply is an important part of the power supply system. Choosing a qualified and reliable power supply can significantly improve the energy-saving effect and service life of the LED display.


If the screen area of the LED display is relatively large, an energy-saving design can be adopted. There are two main ways to save energy LED display:


1. When installing the screen, install a multi-function card with a light-sensing probe, so that the LED display can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the intensity of outdoor light to achieve energy-saving effects.


2. Energy-saving IC and low-voltage power supply are used in the design of the screen. According to the formula P=UI, because the LED display of the screen is driven by constant current, that is, the current is constant, the voltage is reduced, and the power is reduced.

Learn the above two tricks to easily solve the problem of LED display power saving!