Only LED display manufacturers with the ability to "make wind" can lead the development of the industry

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2020-09-17 09:48 Views: 1051

In recent years, the demand heat wave of the LED display terminal market has been one after another. From the rental field to landscape lighting, commercial display, 5G smart display, etc., it can be said that one wave has been overwhelmed by waves, and the general feeling of many manufacturers It is: the market craze has become too fast, new products are updated too fast, and the market results and gains that have finally settled down are very few. The fundamental reason is that these terminal demand crazes have not driven the adjustment of upstream companies' product structure, so they cannot fundamentally solve the increase in corporate operating profits. 


However, in fact, in recent years, the LED display industry has been greatly improved in terms of technological maturity and product innovation capabilities. Why is there still an embarrassing situation of untimely adjustment of industrial product structure?

On the one hand, consumer demand in the terminal market has changed diversified, and individualization and diversification have been fully released. Many LED display companies, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, are overwhelmed and unable to make timely adjustments in product development and production, market channel promotion and other aspects.

On the other hand, many companies in the current LED display industry have not really formed their own complete differentiated market runway. Most of them follow the trend and follow the trend. In this way, a large number of similar competing products are prone to appear in the terminal market, so that many new products are often listed. It didn't take long for the price to be reduced and promoted to grab the order, and it was impossible to form a differentiated premium and value-added product brand. Especially with the current fierce competition in the market, many screen companies will easily step into the quagmire of competition under product homogeneity if they are not careful.

Generally speaking, it is because the current LED display industry does not form a new trend of product demand that is really dominated by the screen enterprises themselves.

In fact, as far as the mature LED display industry is concerned, in addition to chasing the trend and keeping up with the market demand and the switching of hot spots, instead of blindly staring at opponents’ product iterations, it is more important for many manufacturers. Possessing the ability to self-create "wind"-starting from the pain points of market product demand, truly realize the pain point product innovation and lead a new round of market demand boom. At the same time, whether it is a big giant or a small company, whether it is facing the national market or facing the global market, LED screen companies need to form a round of their own business strategy, product positioning and target users.

To put it simply, in the future competition in the first-line market, all LED display companies need to understand: Who am I producing products and providing services for? Who is my target user group? Stop thinking about "The extensive management thinking of the barbaric era no longer meets the needs of the current market and competition. "Deep-rooted and meticulous work" is the ultimate way to play in the future market. Therefore, LED display manufacturers must find their target users and provide professional products and service solutions. In order to have their own "wind-making" ability.

At present, the segmented market development of the LED display industry has been very mature. How can LED display manufacturers innovate and develop products and plan targeted marketing activities in these subdivided areas to achieve the goal from blindly following the trend to leading the way? Continue to leap and break through, let us wait and see.


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