Outdoor light pole LED display with 5G construction Dongfeng development prospects are bright

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2020-10-20 09:40 Views: 1513

In the past, the real estate industry has always been the main driving force for market economic growth. In the recent economic conference, the property market has changed more than a little bit. The meeting proposed that real estate should not be used as a short-term means of stimulating the economy, but to focus on the construction of supporting 5G information network infrastructure. In this context, the outdoor light pole LED display, as a link in the 5G supporting chain, can be said to have caught a wave of development. 


Accelerating the development of 5G is conducive to promoting the comprehensive iterative upgrade of my country's information and communication industry. Through the development and application of 5G technology, it will drive the overall upgrade of core electronic components, high-end chips, operating systems, application services, and smart terminals, and become the information and communication industry. Create new market space, inject new development momentum, and promote my country's related enterprises to catch up with and surpass. Then, outdoor light pole LED display as a new type of information carrier nowadays, smart light poles, smart street lights and other popular industries will become one of the key points.

The surge in demand for smart light poles and outdoor light pole LED displays is also reflected in another aspect, that is, the number of 5G base stations that are expected to be built this year, a total of more than 130,000, and smart light poles are used as 5G site resources. The carrier is also ushering in a larger space, and the outdoor light pole LED display can also get a share of it.

In the past two years, smart light poles have ushered in great development. Relatively, related supporting facilities in the smart light pole industry have also ushered in new opportunities and opportunities. Outdoor light pole LED displays have also developed and grown. With the advent of the 5G era, the significance of smart light poles has become more prominent, and the pace of construction and the number of projects are also rising geometrically, and the application requirements for supporting outdoor light pole LED displays are also being strengthened.

At the same time, smart light poles and smart street lights will become resources for communication base stations in the development of 5G. Then, outdoor light pole LED displays, as one of the supporting applications, will work with the upstream and downstream of the smart light pole industry. , Cultivating new forms of industry development under 5G services. In fact, accelerating the development of 5G will help promote the transformation and upgrading of my country's traditional industries. Through the comprehensive and deep integration of 5G and existing industries, the release of traffic and connection dividends will further promote the development of new service formats.

However, whether it is a smart light pole or an outdoor light pole LED display, standard specifications have always been a big problem that plagues the industry, manufacturers, and suppliers. Therefore, since this year, provinces and cities across the country have successively issued relevant standards and norms. Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Standard "Technical Specifications for Smart Light Pole" has also been issued. The standard is issued to regulate the planning, design, construction, inspection and acceptance, operation management and maintenance of smart light poles.

In fact, the promulgation of standards means that the government recognizes and supports the development of smart light poles and related industries. The standards promulgated by Guangdong Province this time also clearly indicate that it will link applications in various industries to establish a wide range of coverage and complete functions. Information perception network, and fully consider the integration with the urban landscape.

At present, the deployment and application of the global 5G network will create a $10 trillion market. Major powers and key companies in the world are unwilling to miss this big cake. They are all fighting for this big market in various ways. Fight, try to win the dominance in the competition. There is no doubt about it, our country should have occupied a larger dominant power, so the homeopathic development of related industries has come so naturally, whether it is smart light poles, smart cities or other related supporting outdoor light pole LED displays, etc. Therefore, a large application demand space is obtained

It can be seen from this that it is an established fact to use smart light poles to create a perception network and realize urban landscape beautification. As a carrier of interconnection, intelligence, and sharing, outdoor light pole LED displays are not only beautiful, but also a key manifestation of the appearance, quality and grade of smart light poles. Therefore, the demand for outdoor light pole LED displays equipped with smart light poles in the future will also Increasingly, but behind the demand for outdoor light pole LED display requirements have also increased, such as smarter, more beautiful and so on.

It can be seen that the introduction of the standard is to better the landing of smart light poles, and at the same time stimulate the great growth of the smart light pole market, plus a large number of 5G base stations will enter the construction phase in the future, so that smart light poles and outdoor light poles The huge demand for LED display screens will have an unprecedented explosion, and a trend of popularization of wisdom will follow one after another.