Smart Promotion Association and Lianchengfa work together to promote the healthy development of the smart pole industry

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2021-03-17 09:30 Views: 1328

On the afternoon of March 16, Wang Hailong, the chairman of the Shenzhen Smart Pole Industry Promotion Association, and the visiting founder and president of Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd. Long Pingfang discussed the construction of smart pole projects and the application of smart pole equipment. When the content was exchanged, it was stated, “The Smart Promotion will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Lianchengfa in the construction of smart poles, make full use of Lianchengfa’s technical advantages, give play to their respective strengths, integrate resources from all parties, and jointly promote the development of Shenzhen’s smart pole industry. healthy growth."



According to reports, Lianchengfa was established in November 2004. It is an integrated service provider of sound, photoelectric and intelligent manufacturing integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, and operation services. Its business covers three major sectors: smart city, cultural performance, and commercial display. Eight application scenarios solutions. In particular, Lianchengfa has gradually transformed from an LED display manufacturer based on traditional manufacturing to a new type of intelligent manufacturing industry relying on innovative technology to refine and upgrade the entire industrial chain, making full use of the cultural application industry chain and intelligent manufacturing. Innovative advantages create a new carrier for dual drives. 


At present, as the perception carrier of smart city construction, smart poles can connect various industry software and hardware equipment, through unified management and data integration, form smart city information nodes, and connect various smart applications at the same time to build a comprehensive window for smart city people's livelihood services. Therefore, there is a huge space for cooperation between Zhizhi Association and Lianchengfa, especially since the two sides have shown a strong willingness to cooperate. Both parties said that they will make full use of the country's industrial policy and the opportunity of Shenzhen's "dual zone" construction to make the smart pole industry bigger and stronger, achieve a win-win situation with the "stroke", and contribute to Shenzhen's new infrastructure.