What are the Characteristics of Outdoor LED Display Design?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2016-11-15 Views: 1501


With the rapid development of outdoor media platforms, people's attention has gradually attracted the past of high-definition LED displays. High-definition LED display screens have gradually met the needs of the information media era with beautiful and moving advertisements and some interactive information advertisements! So, what are the characteristics of LED electronic display screens?


1. The uniqueness of [outdoor LED display]


LED display screens are generally rectangular, square or spherical. We design according to the needs of customers and the environment, so that the effect of the LED display screen and the coordination of the background produce a sense of beauty. According to the factors of outdoor advertising, we start from the distance, viewing angle and environment to design a good visual effect for the customer's LED display!


2. The simplicity of [outdoor LED display]


Usually LED display advertising, the information given to users is concise and clear, highlighting the theme of the advertisement is the effect that the merchant wants to express, so the screen and information ratio of the LED display are very important, which is related to whether it can attract the user's attention. , to achieve the promotional effect. Therefore, the simpler the picture is, the more original the design is for the user, the ample room for the user to imagine, and the concise effect is achieved.


3. The planning of [outdoor LED display]


The advertising design of the LED display must have the mentality of the target users, so the advertising must conduct market research, analysis and forecast when designing, formulate a relative plan on the basis of the survey, and formulate the advertising graphics, colors, and colors that meet the needs of users. Language and other promotional marketing strategies.


4. Interactivity of [outdoor LED display]


Some preferential activities for merchants to give back to customers should be embedded in the display screen, which can attract the attention of many users, and can also add some promotional information about the merchant's products and so on.