How Is the LED Display Produced?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-27 13:54 Views: 589

LED displays are more and more widely used, from indoor to outdoor, from a single small screen to a large screen of 100 square meters, these LED displays are so popular, do you know how it is produced?

The first step in the production of LED display is the school board process. First, use the baffle to align the lights, use the lampshade to fix the arranged lamps, complete the QC test, and remove the cover. This step is mainly typesetting, making a rough flat style.

The second step in the production of LED displays is the inspection procedure, which is also a very critical step. Strictly control the product quality and process quality of the LED display screen, and solve any problems in time. When testing, connect the cable to check whether there is a light that does not light up, use a multimeter to detect the cause, and then prescribe the right medicine to solve it in time. When testing, special attention should be paid to the possible problems such as virtual welding and short circuit of the LED display. Only when this step is guaranteed, can the success rate of the board be guaranteed and the failure rate of the display screen during use can be reduced.


The third step in the production of LED display is to fix the light board, fix the spacer frame with screws, then pour glue, cover the lampshade, cover the lampshade, fix it with screws, and then put on the apron, the apron on the LED display light board is mainly It is shockproof. If there is a problem with this step, it is very easy to cause damage to the inside of the box during transportation and installation, thereby affecting the quality of the LED display.

The last step is to put the LED display on the box. First, fix the module on the box and proceed in the order from bottom to top, followed by wiring, connection, circuit wiring, and power cord, and then use plastic belt clips. live. After this step is completed, a test needs to be carried out to rule out the failure cabinet caused by the installation process.