Attack on the metaverse, low-key LED screen

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The metaverse that exploded overnight has opened up people's infinite imagination and new cognition of the future world. What a virtual world parallel to the real world is also fascinating. With AR/VR/MR, immersive games, immersion With the development of technologies such as virtual space, a vast hyper-sci-fi virtual world that can be compared with the real world is becoming feasible and visible through various technologies that augment reality and virtual worlds. The possibility of the realization of the Metaverse also brings opportunities for all walks of life to open up new fields. The LED display screen as a display terminal, although extremely small in the Metaverse, is also a solid screw for realizing the Metaverse world. The emerging world plays with its light and heat. The proposal and attempted implementation of the concept of the Metaverse has also brought new possibilities to the LED display industry, and the future performance of LED displays in the Metaverse is also expected. Next, the editor of LCF will let everyone take a look at the things about the Metaverse and the LED screen!

Two or three things about the Metaverse

The current broad definition of the metaverse refers to a common virtual world built using multiple technologies. Under the current concept of metaverse, it refers to a new type of Internet application and social form that integrates a variety of new technologies. It provides an immersive experience based on extended reality technology, generates a mirror image of the real world based on digital twin technology, and Blockchain technology builds an economic system that closely integrates the virtual world with the real world in economic systems, social systems, and identity systems, and allows each user to produce content and edit the world.

The technology of the Metaverse is mainly composed of game engine technology, blockchain and NFT technology, virtual reality technology, interoperability technology, digital currency technology, cloud services and hardware technology. Therefore, to realize the Metaverse, the mature technology is to open the Metaverse. The key to the door.

From last year to the present, driven by various factors in society, it has brought dawn to the realization of the Metaverse. First, the epidemic has accelerated the virtualization of society. In recent years, due to the prolonged epidemic, "squatting at home" has become the daily routine of most people. Therefore, when offline businesses in all walks of life have suffered heavy losses due to the epidemic, the number of users of short videos, games, and online education has increased significantly. The online industry is in full swing. Secondly, people's cognition has changed and their lives have shifted to a certain extent. Online and offline are connected. Some of people's real life has begun to migrate to the virtual world. Humans have become a real and digital amphibian species. Thirdly, regarding the favorable policies for the development of digitalization and the Metaverse, the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Digital Economy" proposes innovative "cloud life" services, similar to artificial intelligence development, virtual reality, 8K high-definition and other technologies for interactive integration and expansion. It can be used in social, shopping, entertainment, exhibition and other fields to promote people's living consumption upgrade.

At present, the industries that are taking the lead in the Metaverse include e-sports, education and culture, medical conferences, etc. The presentation of each field in the Metaverse takes place in the form of virtual interaction, which enables people to break the limitations of time and space. It can encode and decode information more realistically, and can also be immersed in the virtual world to complete related activities, visit different industries, show self-created content, and realize more self-value.


New Prospects for LEDs in the Metaverse

The realization of the Metaverse is inseparable from black technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, and virtual engines. These high-techs are important modules for composing and constructing the Metaverse, and the Metaverse must be seen, felt, and operated by people. A display port is needed, so the LED display has also become a part of the realization of the metaverse, playing the role of "tentacles" in the metaverse, small but important.

From naked-eye 3D large screens, immersive spaces, virtual interactive games, etc., to more and more mature, the application of LED display in virtual interaction is increasingly seen by people. At present, whether it is the application of naked-eye 3D large screen, or the construction of XR virtual space and immersive space, or even the existence of smart education, smart conference and other scenarios, LED displays are inseparable from the information display and dissemination carrier. The LED display still entered the metaverse with its own ultra-high-definition display, good display performance of high-level and low-gray, and the ability to easily carry new technologies and enhance the sense of interaction in virtual reality.

The display screen can be both an input channel and an output medium. Under the digital and intelligent era, LED display screens have also ushered in new changes. Whether it is a wearable device such as VR/AR or a large LED display screen, new increments can be obtained under market changes. But it is still too early to realize the metaverse, because the development of various software and hardware before entering the new world has encountered a bottleneck period. For example, people in the virtual game world have launched various VR and AR headsets to better experience immersive interaction. Display equipment, the wearer is not very comfortable when using it, and discomfort symptoms such as dizziness are prone to occur after wearing it for a long time. At the same time, the research and development of such devices that lead people to the virtual world is still in progress. At present, there are not many companies and products that develop such headsets. When the headsets can be matured and popularized, people are looking forward to it.

For the LED display, although the scope of its ability to help the arrival of the Metaverse is not large, the continuous innovation of LED display technology and the continuous progress of supporting equipment and packaging technology, especially the recent VR and AR head display equipment for Mini/Micro LED The innovative application of LED display screen proves that LED display screen can meet the needs of the new world and present the most real and beautiful parallel new world to people in the role of seeing the "window" of the metaverse.

Do a good job of a screw under the Metaverse

The metaverse was born as a brain hole term in the science fiction novel "Avalanche", and has developed into a virtual parallel world that has gradually emerged. It has taken a long time, and to truly implement the concept of the metaverse, it still needs certain Time, especially at present, is still a hot concept. How to realize how to build and operate this "parallel world" is still something that all walks of life are exploring.

On the whole, the current realization of the Metaverse mainly has the following problems: First, the interaction and operability of the Metaverse needs to be improved. As a large-scale virtual social center, the Metaverse can be accessed anytime, anywhere and engage in different activities together. Activities such as playing games, watching movies, working, etc. In addition, there are many different industries in the real world, and people's interests are all kinds of strange, so there may be different microcosms in the metaverse, so how to quickly enter another microcosm from this small universe in the virtual world, which requires improving the interaction of the metaverse operational performance.

The second is the need to protect people's data security in the Metaverse. In order to facilitate access to the Metaverse, we can imagine that everyone will be using open IP at that time. In addition, the Metaverse will transmit a large amount of data, most of which are personal key data. The risk of cyber attacks always exists and will intensify, so data security under the Metaverse also needs to be deployed in advance.

Last but not least, the realization of the metaverse will require ubiquitous connectivity and exponential growth in edge computing power, especially the massive amounts of data exchanged to support AR/VR services that travel between virtual and physical worlds , requires an efficient edge network and communications infrastructure to optimize rate, reliability, and latency performance. The metaverse will need these high data rates, ultra-low latency, and edge computing to be successful, but the flip side is a more significant impact on resources, and those balances remain to be seen.

To sum up the above, for the Metaverse to truly become a reality, the technology for building it needs to be perfected, the rules for running it need to be established, and the risks of operating it need to be controlled. Of course, these grand points are far away from the LED display industry, but this also In line with the reality of the role of the "screw" of the LED display in the metaverse. For LEDs, for a long time in the future, they will be the "tentacles" of the metaverse that are close to the real world, the "window" for people to see the metaverse approaching the metaverse, and the "window" to build the metaverse world. screw".

To play these roles well, the LED display industry will consistently give full play to the initiative of industry innovation, continue to optimize LED display products, and continue to innovate packaging, chips, lamp beads, spacing and other technologies, in order to provide the best and most solid foundation for the Metaverse Element, silently exerting force in the metaverse.

As soon as the Metaverse was proposed, it was very popular. Under this new concept, different industries have seen new opportunities for the development of the industry under the Metaverse, and the same is true for the LED display industry. However, there will be a long way to go from the conception to the mature application. During this period, there will be both risks and hardships. If the LED display industry wants to occupy its own place in the metaverse of the attack, it also needs to be carefully thought out. When trying to intervene in the new world At the same time, do a good job of risk estimation, actively intervene with the mentality of daring to eat crabs, and at the same time, prepare for continuous innovation in new fields, in order to gain a firm foothold in the new wind.

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