Outdoor LED display Energy-Saving and Power-Saving Solutions

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-09-21 17:15 Views: 526

Many customers are worried about power consumption when purchasing LED outdoor displays. At present, outdoor LED display products are gradually switching to outdoor energy-saving solutions powered by DSPWM energy-saving driver IC and 4V power supply. The display effect is further improved, and the whole screen application can save 25% energy- 30%.

The DSPWM driver IC plus 4V power supply energy-saving solution adopts low-voltage turn-on technology to achieve energy-saving effect by reducing the power consumption of the driver IC. Compared with the outdoor large screen using ordinary constant current driver IC, the high efficiency and energy saving are more than 20%. The supporting use of 4V power supply can meet the normal operation of the large led screen and reduce the heating loss of components under the action of excess voltage. The key is that it will not affect the brightness of the product, so that other components can work more stably. Reduce power consumption, heat dissipation, and amplify energy-saving effect


1. Equipped with 4V high-efficiency switching power supply to improve the power conversion efficiency and reduce the loss of power supply conversion;

2. Using high-efficiency, high-stability, low-attenuation powerful giant-color standard high-quality lamps, cooperate with the control system to reduce the driving current and reduce the heating of the lamps that consume ineffective energy;

3. Design a scientific overall circuit scheme to reduce the heat loss of excess voltage on the circuit;

4. The built-in current adjustment function can intelligently realize 32-level brightness adjustment according to the external environment changes and cooperate with the control software;

Through a series of measures to reduce heat emissions, the number of fans, air conditioners and other equipment required for large-screen heat dissipation will be reduced. On the basis of the 20% energy-saving plan of the screen, energy will be saved by 5%-10%, and the energy saving of outdoor full-screen applications will reach 25%- 30%. Save energy and worry.

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