Why does the led sky screen become the "eye-catching" artifact of major businesses?

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In recent years, led sky screen has become a familiar keyword in the industry, which shows the beauty of the integration of LED display and architecture, and has gradually become one of the landmarks reflecting the level of economic development in a region. Its magnificent, shocking and dazzling display effects enrich people's vision and make people's lives more colorful. So why does the LED sky screen become the "eye-catching" artifact of major businesses? Next, the editor of LCF will give you a detailed introduction.

LED sky screen is a dome LED display installed above a relatively closed space. It is a dreamy LED product, which has the effect of rendering, decoration and lighting. It is generally suitable for high-end star hotel lobbies, large shopping malls, commercial pedestrian streets, city center squares, large stages, science and technology exhibition halls and other large building ceilings, with large area, light weight and different shapes. LED sky screen, in short, is to build a huge display device above the sky that can cover the earth and isolate the ground from the sky. It is often mentioned in some sci-fi works that in the future, human beings will build artificial equipment to avoid damage from space . With the new LED light strips, light strips, projectors and other lighting equipment, it can play a role in lighting and rendering. Demonstrate unique personality and culture and create new landmarks in the city. The reason why the LED sky screen can be favored by various fields is inseparable from the unique visual charm it brings.


Indoors, the large LED sky screen hanging on the top of the ceiling is like a colorful satin, bright and deep sky. When night falls, it is a magnificent and colorful sky screen. At the same time, the canopy has strong interactivity, strong visual impact, and the surrounding sound effects are comparable to the cinema effect, which can create a very good sense of fashion atmosphere. Outdoors, the high-definition and bright LED display effect brings shocking feelings to the on-site customers. Combined with new LED light strips, light strips, projectors and other lighting equipment, it plays a role in lighting and rendering, and has become an indispensable new landmark of the city. .

The led sky screen is an engineering project with complex structure and strict technical requirements. Although the impact is great, compared with ordinary LED display projects, it has extremely high requirements in terms of material use, structure, control performance, construction and maintenance.

First of all, as far as the product itself is concerned, the LED sky screen must be thin and transparent, because the area of the LED sky screen project is generally very large, and it is installed by hoisting, and its own weight should not be underestimated. LCF LED display manufacturers produce intelligently made LED sky screens with a transparency rate of more than 75%, which does not affect lighting and is extremely light, and the picture is more delicate and realistic, which has been favored by customers.

Therefore, when using the canopy LED display, you should reduce your own weight as much as possible to reduce the burden on the load-bearing structure, and use a "transparent" design to reduce wind load. At the same time, the aesthetics of the canopy LED display itself should also be valued, and the thin and light appearance design can add luster to the entire canopy implementation process.

In addition, compared with ordinary LED display projects, LED sky screens have extremely high requirements in terms of material use, structure, control performance, construction and maintenance, etc., which is a market with a very high threshold. Ease of use is the design standard for large-scale products. The more advanced and larger things are, the easier it is to operate. The standardized design of the LED display box of the sky screen can integrate the LED display elements, power supply, control, and unit structure, which is easy to age. , commissioning, transportation and installation.

LED sky screens have become the "eye-catching" artifact of major merchants, but we all know that for the industry where people flow is turned, "eye-catching" is undoubtedly "gold-absorbing", which can bring greater business profits to merchants. It is believed that in the future, it will bring more shocking and bright display effects to people.

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