What kind of digital audio processor and digital audio media matrix are good?

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What kind of digital audio processor and digital audio media matrix can be regarded as a qualified digital audio processor that can meet the needs of conferences and meet the needs of the trend? Liancheng Fa Xiaobian believes that a good processor device needs to have at least the following six core algorithms.

1. AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation)

2. ANS (Noise Suppression)

3. AGC (automatic gain)

4. AFC (feedback suppression)

5. ANC (Noise Gain Compensation)

6. AutoMixer


Secondly, it should be developed based on the following three Dante chips to meet today's changing conference scenarios and conference trends. They are:

1. Ultimo (small form factor, powerful, provides up to 4x4 audio channels)

2. Brooklyn III (powerful, great performance with up to 64x64 audio channels)

3. Broadway (high cost performance, can provide up to 16x16 audio channels)

When you think that a digital audio processor that meets the above modules is a good digital audio processor, it is not enough. A really good digital audio processor should also have the following functions:

1. The panel comes with a USB interface for recording and a signal indicator ring.

2, with a variety of wired control panel control, no less than 3 kinds.

3. Support mobile phone, tablet, computer online control at the same time.

4. Thousands of control codes can be directly obtained online to meet the needs of any scene.

5. Support bidirectional RS-232, RS-485 control can meet all the commands that can be controlled by the panel control center control, and can also meet the custom editing control interface of mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

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