What Accessories Should be Paid Attention to When Purchasing a Full-color LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-22 11:16 Views: 344

The full-color LED display is assembled from many accessories. Next, LCF will tell you a few accessories that you have to know, and you must refer to them when purchasing.


The power supply is also subject to the rapid growth of the LED industry, which increases the sales of power supplies. The stability and performance of the power supply determine the performance of the display screen, and the power supply equipped with various models is also particular. The power required by the led display is calculated according to the power of the unit board, and the requirements of various models are different.

The box of the full-color LED display is based on the size, and multiple unit boards form a box, and multiple boxes are assembled into a screen. The box is professionally built, there are simple box and waterproof box. The rapid development of the LED industry has also made the manufacturers of full-color LED display cabinets saturated with orders almost every month, which has driven the development and prospects of cabinet manufacturers.

The modules of LED indoor screen and LED outdoor screen are very important. LED modules are composed of kits, bottom shells, masks, etc. The full-color LED display is composed of LED modules, which is what we see now. Color LED large screen. The control system is an important part of the full-color LED display. The transmission of video is transmitted to the receiving card of the full-color LED display through the sending card and the graphics card, and then the receiving card transmits the signal to the HUB board in sections: in the receiving card An adapter board is installed on it, the receiving card transmits the data to the adapter board, and then the data on the adapter board is transmitted to the single-row or single-column full-color LED display module of the display box through the cable, and then the LED The data between the module and the LED module is also connected by cables. Generally, an adapter board has only 8 sockets, which means that an adapter board can only manage the data transmission of 8 rows or 8 columns of LED modules.