What are the Characteristics that need to be Considered for Indoor Installation of LED Displays?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-16 16:39 Views: 517

LED displays installed indoors include ordinary full-color LED displays, special-shaped displays and other categories. They have distinct requirements from outdoor products in terms of brightness, viewing distance, and color reproduction.

In terms of brightness, considering the limited installation area of the indoor LED display, the brightness is much lower than that of the outdoor, and in order to take care of the adaptation process of the viewer's eyes, the brightness must be adaptively adjusted, which is not only more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also can be Viewers need to set out for human adjustment.


The dot pitch of indoor LED displays is generally less than 5mm, and the viewing distance is relatively close, especially the viewing distance of small-pitch LED screens can be as close as 1-2 meters. After the viewing distance is shortened, the display effect requirements of the screen will also increase, and the display power of details and color reproduction will also be very outstanding, and will not give people obvious graininess, and these are the advantages of large LED screens.

The LED display screen can display various computer information, graphics, pictures, two- and three-dimensional animations, etc. It has rich playback methods, displaying scrolling information, notifications, slogans, etc., and has a large capacity for storing data and information. Input and broadcast a variety of information; can play text information, the playback form can be scrolled, scrolled, lead-in and lead-out mode, can be moved up, left, and the message can be broadcast in a loop. The font and font size can be selected arbitrarily, and the playback speed can be set. In addition, multiple messages can be broadcast at the same time, or broadcast simultaneously with animation and images.