How to Realize Touch Control of Full Color LED Display?

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Can the full color led display be touch-sensitive? Many friends have such questions. The full-color LED touch display can be configured in the following ways: infrared touch sensing, gravity sensing, somatosensory sensing, etc.

Due to the characteristics of its own products, full-color LED displays cannot be touched, so full-color LED displays are rarely used for interaction, and LED touch displays generally use conventional screens or small spacing. The touch effect of the color led display screen can be achieved by any type of conventional screen, as long as it is matched with the relevant configuration.

Full color led display with infrared touch

The full-color LED display screen is composed of infrared emitting and receiving sensing elements on the outer frame of the touch screen. On the surface of the screen, an infrared detection network is formed. Any touching object can change the infrared rays on the touch screen to realize the touch screen operation. The realization principle of infrared touch screen is similar to that of surface acoustic wave touch, which uses infrared emitting and receiving sensing elements. These components form an infrared detection network on the surface of the screen, and the touch-operated object (such as a finger) can change the infrared rays of the touch point, and then convert it into the coordinate position of the touch to realize the response of the operation. These simple touch interactions can be satisfied.


Foot interactive led display gravity sensor

In addition to touching by hand, the interactive led display screen can also be realized by foot. The principle of interactive floor tile screen is to set pressure sensors on the floor tile. When people interact with the floor tile screen, these sensors sense the person's position and trigger information. Feedback to the main controller, and then the main controller logically judges and outputs the corresponding display effect. This is the LED floor tile screen. The LED floor tile screen products have been flowing in the market for a long time, and the technology has been quite proficient. The interactive floor tile screen of the children's entertainment park in the shopping mall and the interactive visual experience of the exhibition hall and exhibition hall are all foot-touch interaction.

Full color led display somatosensory touch

In addition to the above touch effects, there are also customers who propose air touch response, which is also achievable, and somatosensory sensing can be used. Somatosensory technology refers to a technology that allows people to immerse themselves in the situation and interact with the content because people can directly use body movements to interact with surrounding devices or environments without using any complex control equipment.

LED touch screens are also more creative. Although now is the era of naked-eye 3D, touch interaction is also on the rise. Users with good ideas can move aside from the interactive effect, which may be the source of traffic.

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