What Matters Should be Paid Attention To in Indoor Installation of LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-25 17:11 Views: 767

When the LED display is installed indoors, it is necessary to survey the site first, and then design and install it. It is necessary to detect the wall state, installation method and force of the location where the display screen is installed. And according to the specific size of the display screen, confirm whether there are obstacles on the installation site hindering the installation of the display screen. In the case of inlaid installation, whether the reserved installation slot is suitable; if there is a decorative partition on the wall, you must ask the user about the condition of the wall; in the case of column screen installation, you must understand the geological conditions.


The power supply situation of the LED display site should be clear. The capacity of the equipment room or AC transformer, whether the cables need to be rearranged, or whether the wire diameter of the cables already laid out meets the requirements; in the case of single-phase power, whether there is a ground wire; in the case of three-phase power, whether it is three-phase five-wire . If rewiring is required, the length of the power cord in the field needs to be accurately measured.

Know the control position of the LED display screen and whether the communication line is smooth. The length of the communication line required on site, and whether there are other devices with lines that need to be connected to the display control terminal or understand the switching method of the on-site signal channel; if the user does not understand anything, at least need to understand the user's application requirements, especially the theater class user. If the user has already wired, ask whether the length and quantity of the wiring are appropriate; the normal synchronization system uses the Cat5e network cable should be less than 120 meters, and the length of the non-category fivee network cable should be lower; if the number is not enough, the corresponding number of network cables must be increased. If it is too long, you must use a suitable optical cable, use multi-mode fiber within 500 meters, and use single-mode fiber for more than 500 meters. There must also be spares in terms of the number of network cables and optical fibers.