What Should I doWhen There are Bright Lines on The Full-Color LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-28 15:48 Views: 613

Compared with the LCD splicing screen, the full-color LED display has a much higher probability of bright lines and screen faults than the LCD splicing screen. However, in general, these small faults are easy to deal with, so the full-color LED display There are still many supporters. How to deal with the bright lines on the full-color LED display?

Once the problem of bright lines is found, we must first judge whether the control card is good. In many cases, the bright line is caused by poor contact or the control card. It is convenient to detect the control card, so it is necessary to check the quality of the control card first. When detecting the bright line of the full-color LED display, turn on the power first and see if the indicator light of the control card is on; if it is not on, check whether there is a 5V power supply to see if the full-color LED display can display content. Display content, indicating that the display content function of the control card is good.


The detection of this step only proves that the control card itself is intact, and the software of the control card works well and needs to be checked. Next, use the control card software to find the control card. If you can find it, it means that the function of sending the content of the control card is good; if you can't find it, check whether the communication line is connected properly. Most likely there is a problem with the card. As long as these two functions are good, the led control card is good, otherwise the control card should be replaced.

If there is no problem with the control card, you need to check the line contact of the full-color LED display. Next, check the wiring of the power supply and the LED unit board in turn. If it is a power supply problem, it will directly cause several boards not to light up or be abnormal at the same time, because one power supply controls several boards at the same time, so this is very easy to see. The LED unit board only needs to detect a single panel.