Do You Know the Car LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-02 14:49 Views: 651

1. High stability and reliability

Cars are always moving, and the stability and reliability of electronic products are very demanding.

2. Stable power system support

The power supply on the car is powered by a battery. When the car starts, brakes, and stops, a high pulse voltage will be generated. If the power supply system is not good, the display screen will be burned.


3. Wide operating temperature range

In the north, cars are generally placed outdoors. Temperatures may reach -40°C in winter and 60°C in summer, requiring power supply and display components to work over a wide range of temperatures.

4. Good anti-static measures

Cars are prone to generate static electricity during operation. Especially in autumn, the high voltage of static electricity can reach thousands of volts. If there is no good anti-static measures, it is easy to damage IC and LED lights.

5. Appropriate brightness

Appropriate brightness, if the LED display is not bright enough, it will not be visible during the day, losing the meaning of installing the display; if it is too bright, it will affect the driving.