What are the Requirements for LED Special-Shaped Screens?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-17 13:28 Views: 683

With the comprehensive promotion of urban construction and the improvement of people's living standards, the growth rate of my country's indoor and outdoor advertising market is very rapid. The indoor and outdoor advertising market has always been one of the main battlefields of LED display screens in the past, and LED display screens have become the darling of the market due to their advantages of high brightness, wide viewing angle and strong environmental adaptability. Today, the birth of special-shaped screen modules has promoted the development of LED creative display, making the creative development of LED display more open!

In recent years, with the increasing creativity of led display screens, general special-shaped screen modules have enabled led display screens to achieve a variety of ever-changing shapes like a variety of stars, but in the past for a long time For a long time, LED special-shaped screens are assembled or wrapped by traditional rectangular flat modules, such as common curved screens and circular screens. However, when the display screen has a small curvature and a more complex display shape, the splicing and edging of the special-shaped module will not solve the problems of seam and flatness, which will cause the display screen to display inconsistent, mosaic and other problems, making the The overall display effect of the display screen is not good. In order to solve this problem, manufacturers continue to research and explore, and finally the "soft module" developed is available.


What are the application requirements of LED flexible screens

The many advantages of LED soft modules are beyond the reach of ordinary curved displays. The connection surface of the soft module LED special-shaped screen is different from the traditional display screen. The traditional PCB board is made of glass fiber material, while the flexible module is equipped with a high-strength strong magnetic core magnetic core connection device, which is made of flexible insulating base material. FPC circuit board, mask and bottom shell are all made of high-temperature and bending-resistant silicone material, which has high-strength compression and twist resistance, and can perfectly solve all kinds of difficult installation problems.

The advent of flexible displays must have been fully recognized by customers. In particular, with the advancement and prosperity of cultural undertakings in my country's socialist cultural construction, cultural performances are prevalent, and the application demand for LED flexible screens will greatly increase, and will be more widely used! It is recommended that you choose a large manufacturer with quality assurance when purchasing LED displays. Lianchengfa specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of LED displays, and provides customers with professional solutions!