Introduction to the external structure of the LED display

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LED display is a new type of display equipment, which is widely used in all walks of life, such as advertising media, traffic guidance, information publicity, command and dispatch, security monitoring, etc. With the development of economy, LED display plays an increasingly important role in the development of modern cities.

Because the LED display chips are still closely arranged with small spacing after dicing, it is not conducive to the operation of the subsequent process. We use a chip expander to expand the film bonding the chips, and the spacing of the LED chips is stretched to about 0.6mm. Manual expansion can also be used, but it is easy to cause undesirable problems such as chip drop and waste.


Apply silver glue or insulating glue to the corresponding position of the LED display bracket. The difficulty of the process lies in the control of the amount of glue, and there are detailed process requirements in the height of the glue and the position of the glue. Since silver glue and insulating glue have strict requirements for storage and use, the wake-up, stirring and use time of silver glue are all matters that must be paid attention to in the process.

Contrary to dispensing, glue preparation is to use a glue preparation machine to first apply silver glue on the back electrode of the LED, and then install the LED with silver glue on the back on the LED bracket. The efficiency of glue preparation is much higher than that of dispensing, but not all products are suitable for glue preparation.

Place the expanded LED chips on the jig of the thorn table, place the LED bracket under the jig, and use a needle to stab the LED chips to the corresponding positions one by one under the microscope. Compared with automatic racking, manual thorn chips have an advantage, which is easy to replace different chips at any time, and is suitable for products that need to install multiple chips.

The packaging of LED display is mainly divided into three types: dispensing, potting and molding. Basically, the difficulty of process control is air bubbles, material shortage and black spots. The design is mainly about the selection of materials, and the selection of epoxy and brackets with good combination.