The Future Development Trend of Digital Signage Industry

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-02-23 11:47 Views: 757

Despite the economic downturn, digital signage usage has increased significantly in recent years as businesses seek innovative ways to better reach their target audiences. This is largely due to the increasing demand for internal and external communications, especially to support new safety and health regulations.

Looking ahead, LCF Lighting believes that the main trends in the digital signage industry include the following:

1. Digital signage solutions as an integral part of venues

As the world continues to evolve, digital signage solutions will continue to be an integral part of venues. In order to attract the attention of tourists while increasing the efficiency of social distancing and crowd management, the use of immersive digital signage displays, temperature checks and virtual receptionist devices such as smart tablets is expected to rise.

Additionally, dynamic wayfinding will be used to guide visitors to their respective destinations and highlight rooms and seats that are sanitized and available. In the future, the solution could be enhanced to include a 3D view to improve the wayfinding experience.

2. Digital transformation of shop windows

To lure customers back to brick-and-mortar stores, operators will focus on grabbing the attention of passersby with attention-grabbing window displays. These can be in the form of gesture-based interactions, including mirroring content or reacting to the movements of people walking near the display.

Additionally, as new characters move through the mall every day, it’s important that ads become smarter—relevant and timely to current audiences. Digitization brings more opportunities for creative, dynamic and interactive advertising. Persona-based digital advertising, based on insights gleaned from sensors, enables retailers to deliver targeted advertising to changing audiences.

digital signage

3. Super bright and super large screen

By 2022, expect more super-bright screens in store windows as high-street retailers compete for consumers. These commercial grade screens have extremely high brightness levels compared to common digital displays. This extra brightness boost delivers a visual punch, making it easy to view content even in direct sunlight.

Retailers may also turn to jumbo screens, curved and other unconventional video walls to help retailers stand out and attract more attention.

4. Contactless Interaction Solutions

Contactless sensors are the next evolution in human-computer interaction technology. It is typically used to detect the presence or movement of people in the sensor coverage area. The Asia-Pacific market is expected to reach $3.3 billion by 2027, led by countries such as Australia, India and South Korea.

Digital signage solutions will employ the concept of touchless interactions - voice, gesture and mobile control - as the industry looks to reduce touch and improve accessibility. To interact with the touchscreen, customers can easily capture a QR code with a smartphone and perform multiple interactions securely and anonymously while the phone is secure. Alternatively, digital signage displays activated by voice or gestures provide a unique contactless solution.

5. Emergence of MicroLED technology

With the growing focus on sustainability and green solutions, there will be strong demand for MicroLED displays with better contrast ratio, response time and energy efficiency compared to widely used LCD technology. Targeted primarily at small, low-power devices such as smartwatches and smartphones, MicroLEDs can be used to create next-generation displays for retail experiences, including curved, transparent, and ultra-low-power interactive displays.

in conclusion

The outlook for the digital signage industry in 2022 is very positive, as companies look to new technologies to transform their businesses and reconnect with customers in the new normal. Contactless solutions are also a growing trend - from voice control to gesture commands - providing safe but simple ways to access important information.

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