2016 ISA Advertising Sign Exhibition in Orlando, USA

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2016-11-16 16:09 Views: 2796

2016.4.21 The 73rd American ISA Advertising Sign Exhibition was successfully held at the Orange City Convention and Exhibition Center in Orlando, USA. The exhibition is the world's oldest professional international exhibition of advertising signs. It has developed into the world's largest and most industrialized exhibition. One of the authoritative international signage and advertising production industry exhibitions is the best way for Chinese signage, outdoor advertising, digital printing equipment materials and display equipment suppliers to enter and develop the international advertising sign industry market.


The main products exhibited by the company this time are P2.5, P8, outdoor P2.5 smart advertising machines, which are one of the more mature products of Lianchengfa, high-quality, high-definition pictures, cost-effective, big brands and so on.