Four Main Points that You Have to Know About the Installation of Outdoor LED Electronic Display Screens

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2020-10-13 Views: 2888

We all know that outdoor LED displays not only have the advantage of high refresh rate, but also have many advantages such as good stability, low power consumption, wide radiation range, and high protection level. It mainly allows users to see more information dissemination outdoors. For this information dissemination tool, LED electronic display is the most suitable product. Common outdoor LED screens include not only advertising screens, text screens, graphic screens, but also special-shaped screens and creative screens, etc. Because of them, we can better make our city shine.


Many users do not know how to build an outdoor LED display well. They think that if the outdoor display is blown by bad weather, it must be a product quality problem of the LED display manufacturer. In fact, it is not the case. It is also inseparable from our construction. How to properly install outdoor LED advertising screens has become a special concern for customers, especially for the technical construction personnel of LED manufacturers, how to understand the construction and maintenance of outdoor screens and the maintenance of advertising screens, so as to better reach the mutual agreement between the two parties. cooperate. So how to install the outdoor LED advertising screen correctly? Let’s take a look at the following points.


1. Installation site survey


The installation site inspection is the first step in installing the LED display. If someone tells you that it must be no problem without looking at the environment, then congratulations, you have been deceived. Before installing the outdoor LED advertising screen, we first carefully investigated a series of installation environment, terrain, luminous radiation range, and brightness acceptability. In addition! In order to ensure the smooth installation of the outdoor advertising screen, it is required to test the display screen before installation and lifting to ensure that the outdoor screen equipment can be used normally and stably, and avoid doing some useless work.


2. Construction of LED display


Before building an outdoor LED billboard, we must first know whether it is an advertising screen, a hanging type, an advertising screen or a rooftop advertising screen. When it comes to on-site installation, we should use a crane and a hoist to hoist in sections according to its distance and height, and at the same time ensure that the personnel above the field cooperate with each other. There is an optimal installation and use process for the LED advertising screen operated at high altitude.


3. The radiation range of the LED screen


After installation, we need to check the radiation range of the display screen. Since the radiation range of each LED outdoor screen is different, the viewing angle of the LED display will also be different. Here, it is necessary to install the outdoor LED display according to the field acceptance ability of the display screen and the normal viewing angle range to ensure that the display screen seen from every angle can have normal brightness and balanced image and subtitle information.


4. Post-maintenance work


The post-maintenance work is also called after-sales service, and it is mentioned that the important thing is a post-test work. For example: LED display waterproof test, display heat dissipation layer function, LED display waterproof coating, rain cover on the display screen, heat dissipation function on both sides, whether the power supply to the screen body is normal, etc. These basic operations can constitute the entire stable outdoor LED display display. In the later stage, unified management and maintenance of the components of the display will be carried out. In case of rust, instability or damage to the product, the LED screen manufacturers must replace it in time to ensure the safe use of the entire outdoor LED display.