Under the New Situation that The Economy Is Facing Downward Pressure, The Transformation of The LED Display Industry Needs to be Upgraded Again

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2020-09-23 Views: 2123

As the global economy gradually enters a new normal of shifting growth and changing development methods, especially under the epidemic and international trade situation this year, the end market demand of all walks of life has also undergone tremendous changes, and the LED display industry is no exception. In this regard, how should LED screen companies respond? How can we maintain the achievements of industrial transformation and achieve new development from multiple dimensions such as corporate strategy, innovation model, and business model?


1. The development strategy has been upgraded again


As early as a few years ago, the "user-centered" business strategy has begun to take root in the LED display industry. With the development and change of the times and environment, product innovation, efficiency improvement and global layout are used as means to better achieve The goal of "user-centered" has become the main direction of the transformation and development of more and more LED screen enterprises. At the same time, whether it is from technological innovation, product development, market marketing, or user interaction, etc., screen companies are actively integrating into the mind map of "user management".


It can be seen that not only leading LED screen companies, but also a large number of small and medium-sized screen companies, distributors, engineering service providers, etc., have clearly defined the value of users and the meaning of user management from the perspective of business strategy in recent years, in terms of innovation and service. They all focus on emphasizing that "the pain point of innovation comes from the user, and the value of innovation goes to the user", which has obviously become the only way for industry and enterprise reform.


2. Improvement of innovation and transformation capabilities


Under the current market environment, we must be clear that innovation must be continuous and large-scale investment, rather than staged and speculative; especially this year's epidemic and the rapidly declining form of international trade have made enterprises understand that in the face of the ever-changing situation of the times , The means and bargaining chip for enterprises to fight against the external changeable environment is to build the ability to innovate and change.


In recent years, China's LED display industry has taken technological innovation as the basis, and has formed a layout of industrial sectors with the traditional LED display market as the main market and the comprehensive development of subdivided fields. At the same time, in recent years, China's LED display industry has actively started to innovate and reform in many aspects such as enterprise operation, market operation, channel management, service upgrade, etc., which has also become the biggest driving force for the current industrial development. In the future, with the maturity and stability of technologies such as small-pitch LED, Micro/MiniLED, and COB, we will see how innovative forces can further broaden the business boundaries of industries and enterprises.


3. Landing of business model innovation


As the industry matures, more and more screen companies are no longer satisfied with the innovation of the LED display industry business. A series of related innovation projects including landscape lighting, cultural tourism industry, and smart education have been gradually incubated, thus giving enterprises more development space and track.


In fact, all Chinese LED display companies are currently facing the transition from large-scale development to high-quality development, and the leap from price war to value war. This requires not only the upgrading of corporate strategies and the solid foundation of technological innovation as the chassis, but also the supporting business model, which ultimately turns the company into a platform to incubate more innovative projects, not only for the development of the company, but also through Socialized operation feeds back.