It Turns Out that There Are So Many Advantages of The LED Double-Sided Display Screen.

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There is a kind of display screen called LED double-sided display screen, which is widely used in the field of outdoor media advertising and is highly praised by users! What is the LED double-sided display, do you know? The following editor will introduce to you one by one from the concept, product functions, product features and other aspects of the LED double-sided display screen.  

1. Introduction of LED double-sided display screen


The LED double-sided flip display is a combination of three-sided billboards and LED electronic displays. Its working principle is: turn the original three sides onto the triangular prism and replace one of the pictures with the LED display module, and the other two sides still use the spray painting surface. In this way, it alternately displays two inkjet images during the day, and automatically turns the LED display module surface out at night to play video images, which is equivalent to a conventional LED display.


2. Function


The LED double-sided flip display not only has the effect of three-sided flipping, but also has the effect of LED display, which maximizes the advantages of three-sided flipping and LED display. It can display two inkjet screens during the day, and at night its function is equivalent to a conventional LED display, which can play various video files and support live TV.


3. Advantages


The traditional three-sided flip is a semi-dynamic outdoor advertising medium. Its advantages are that it can display large-area advertisements at a relatively low cost, and can accommodate more advertising content than static billboards. The colors, as well as the huge size, can impress the audience, and the advertising effect is outstanding. However, it cannot display full-motion pictures, the display content is limited to three pictures, and the nighttime effect is poor, and it needs to rely on lighting equipment to highlight the advertising content. The conventional display screen can display multiple, fully dynamic images, but its effect is not ideal under strong direct sunlight during the day, and it has large cost investment, high energy consumption, high post-operation cost and short service life. The LED double-sided display screen just overcomes the shortcomings of the two. It can be used on three sides during the day, which just overcomes the poor effect of the LED display during the day. When working in a high temperature and harsh environment, the LED lights and chips age and decay quickly, resulting in a shortened service life. At night The effect of the LED display screen just takes advantage of the superior display effect of the LED display screen at night, and overcomes the defect that the three-sided flip needs to rely on external lights to illuminate the advertising screen. In one fell swoop, the respective advantages of the two were brought into full play, achieving the best advertising space, the least investment, the best product mix, and the highest return!


4. Product Features


1. During the day, the spray painting surface is displayed, and the spray painting surface A and the spray painting surface B are switched to each other for display.


2. The three-sided overturned section belongs to the general section specification.


3. Automatically turn the LED display module out at night and play the video screen, which is equivalent to a conventional LED display.


4. The overall structure has good compatibility with the conventional three-sided flip, and it is easy to realize the simple grafting of the display screen and the three-sided flip billboard.


5. The modular design of the LED display screen supports frontal maintenance and is easy to install and disassemble.


6. When the light-emitting diodes of the LED display module are installed on three sides, it can ensure that any light-emitting tube is evenly arranged, and the picture is complete and clear.


7. The LED display can play a variety of texts, various animations and full-color video images, and the content can be changed at any time, reflecting the function of multimedia.


8. Good outdoor performance, with comprehensive performance such as dustproof, moisture-proof, salt spray-proof, rain-proof, snow-proof, electromagnetic interference-proof and lightning-proof.


9. The power consumption is only one-eighth of the conventional display screen, no special cooling device is required, and the protection module is used at night, with low operating costs and long service life.


5. Scope of application


Not only can it be used as a commercial advertising display platform, but also an excellent platform for government departments at all levels to carry out public welfare and legal publicity. . Its modular design is convenient for disassembly and re-installation, and it is convenient for consumers to change the installation location at any time according to their needs, and it has a wide range of applications.