Do You Know What Advantages Curved LED Displays Have Over Traditional Displays?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2020-08-10 Views: 1922

       Traditional LED displays are mostly flat, but have limitations in special occasions. With the advent of LED curved display products in the market, people have begun to pay attention to this new type of screen. So what are the advantages of this kind of curved display screen compared to the traditional flat screen, and what fields is it suitable for in application?  


First, the advantages of LED curved display:


1. Better visual experience: The human eyeball is convex with a certain radian, and the radian of the LED curved screen is just enough to ensure that after the eyes see the screen, it is equally conveyed to the human eye. The same goes for TVs and display screens, curved screens allow for a better sensory experience, allowing for a consistent sensory experience regardless of whether it is centrally positioned.


2. Greater flexibility: Now most TVs, tablets, and notebooks have flat screens. However, if you want to make a watch, the flat screen may be very limited. At this time, the curved screen can exert its flexibility, and he can create some specific arcs to meet the needs of the product. Similarly, many large commercial plazas have also adopted transitional omnidirectional curved displays, which can help advertisers make better use of space and accurately convey information to more people.


Second, the application field of curved LED display:


1. Home field: At present, there are curved TVs in commercial use, which will have a significant impact on "smart homes" in the future, and realize curved display control in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen appliances, and even bathrooms.


2. Smart mobile devices: such as mobile phones, watches, portable mobile devices, etc., curved screens can make product design more imaginative. If the curved display can be freely realized, it means that the folding screen will also be possible.


3. Architecture and advertising: At present, most of the more common outdoor curved LED displays are composed of numerous LED screens or multi-screen splicing. If there is a better curved display method in the future, the customization cost may be greatly reduced.


4. Cinema: The screens of cinemas are also gradually being reformed. Now curved screens still only account for a small number of them, and they are likely to be widely popularized in the future. After all, real curved screens will achieve clearer and sharper picture quality and restore real scenes.


5. Venue: If a giant screen is prevented in a conference hall that can accommodate thousands of people, it means that the screen must be curved, and they may be used during meetings or during concerts. .