Do You Know the Relationship Between LED Glass and Transparent LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2020-06-23 Views: 2449

 LED glass, also known as electrified luminous glass and electronically controlled luminous glass, was first invented in Germany and successfully developed in China in 2006. LED glass has the characteristics of transparency, explosion-proof, waterproof, UV resistance, and designability. It is mainly used in indoor and outdoor decoration, furniture design, lighting design, outdoor curtain wall glass, sun room design and other fields.


LED glass itself is not only a safety glass, but also a building laminated glass, which has the effect of anti-ultraviolet and some infrared energy saving, and can be widely used in indoor and outdoor applications. Due to the energy-saving characteristics of LED itself, LED glass is extremely energy-saving, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


LED glass is widely used in various design and application fields: such as commercial or furniture interior and exterior decoration, decoration, decoration; furniture design; lamp lighting design; interior landscape design; indoor shower partition; clinic; house number; emergency only sign Design; conference room partition; indoor and outdoor curtain wall glass; shop window; counter design; skylight design; ceiling design; sun room design; 3C product glass panel application; indoor and outdoor billboard design; fashion home accessories; clock; lamps and other terminals Application product design and other broad fields.


So, what is the relationship between LED glass and transparent LED display?


Both LED glass and transparent LED display have high transparency, which does not affect indoor lighting and viewing sight. As a new type of advertising media, they promote the development of the advertising media industry. Of course, there are also big differences between LED glass and transparent LED display. The biggest difference between them is the difference in appearance. LED glass is made of glass, and LED lamp beads are embedded in the glass; while transparent LED display is It is made of aluminum profiles, and the LED lamp beads are embedded on the PCB. The difference between the different forms of the two affects their application fields. The application scope of transparent LED displays is more inclined to the glass curtain wall of commercial buildings and the glass window of chain stores.


In the future, LED glass and transparent LED display may be more closely integrated, and promote technological innovation in the display industry, and its future development potential is limitless.