Do you Know What is LED Transparent Screen Ice Screen?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2020-06-16 Views: 1747

Everyone should know an event in the Korean Winter Olympics. The 2022 Winter Olympics will be relayed by Beijing, China. The biggest highlight of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics is the "Beijing Eight Minutes" ice screen. So what is an ice screen? It is another name for LED transparent screen, an alias for LED transparent screen.  


The principle of LED ice screen: It is composed of light bars with lamp beads on it. The design greatly reduces the obstruction of sight by structural components, and the permeability can reach more than 75%, which maximizes the perspective effect. At present, the indoor display device with the highest definition and the best perspective effect.


The ice screen has a novel and unique display effect. When the audience stands at an ideal distance to watch, the picture seems to be suspended on the glass, and it does not affect the original lighting function of the glass.


And LED transparent ice screen is a product worthy of recognition, modular design, free DIY design, new structural design, meet the requirements of hoisting, vertical installation, indoor and outdoor use requirements; and ultra-light, the weight is only about 15KG, a single Can be easily lifted by people; ultra-thin.


The LED transparent screen ice screen has the characteristics of high transparency and high brightness. The ultra-long light bar power supply scheme ensures that the glass curtain wall has good vision and lighting performance. Quiet and noiseless power supply box design, high-brightness light-emitting device ensures that it can be viewed outdoors as a curtain wall screen. Mainly used in large-scale shopping malls, exhibition halls, automobile 4S stores, convention and exhibition centers, shopping mall curtain walls and other large building building glass curtain wall external display field.