Eight Points for Attention When Installing and Storing LED Displays

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2020-05-25 Views: 1699

Nowadays, the application of LED display is quite common. As a precision electronic product, the environment and operation method of transportation, storage and installation of LED display have relevant requirements, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the screen. So today we will talk about how to operate correctly in these processes.


1. The place where the box is placed should be cleaned and laid with pearl cotton.


2. It is strictly forbidden to stack the modules in disorder, and the number of stacked layers shall not be higher than 10 layers. When stacking, the lamp faces are placed opposite each other and separated by pearl cotton.


3. It is recommended that the single-block module should be placed flat with the lamp face up. Pay attention to protection when there is a large quantity and need to be placed upright, and it is strictly forbidden to place it upright in places with large vibrations.


4. The box should be handled with care. When landing, you need to touch the back side first, and then touch the light surface to the ground to avoid being injured.


5. During installation or maintenance, all staff must wear a cordless anti-static wristband.


6. When carrying the box, it should be fully lifted, and it is strictly forbidden to drag it on the ground to avoid damage to the bottom module. The box should be balanced when hoisted, and must not swing and rotate in the air.


7. It should be handled with care when installing, and throwing is strictly prohibited.


8. If you need to adjust, you can use a soft rubber hammer to hit the metal part of the box, and it is strictly forbidden to hit the module. Extrusion and collision between modules are strictly prohibited. If there are gaps or abnormal positioning, etc., do not use hard objects such as hammers to hit the box and module. You can pick up the box and try again after removing foreign objects.