Quick troubleshooting and Solutions for Garbled LED Display

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-11-28 Views: 2050

  When the LED display is garbled, how can we troubleshoot the problem and solve the display failure? The following is a summary and analysis of the possible causes and solutions of garbled LED display.  

First. There may be a problem with the control card or software:


1. It may be that the garbled characters are caused by not setting the parameters of the LED display properly. At this time, we should check the configuration parameters. In general, the default parameter is 1/4 scan.


2. If the parameters are set correctly, check whether the control card is faulty.


Second, the wiring problem:


1. Exclude the power supply. If there is a bad module, check whether the power supply is normal.


2. If it appears dark and bright, it is very likely that there is a problem with the power supply.


Third. Water ingress problem: In many cases, most of the garbled characters must be caused by the water ingress of the box. Due to improper protective measures or the quality of the factory products, it is likely to be invaded by water after rain, which will cause the circuit board short circuit.


 Fourth, the problem of data transmission: the control circuit of the computer output to the LED display is faulty, focus on checking the power supply and signal input of the display. If the control system board is damaged, the data cable interface is damaged, the data cable is damaged or reversed, etc., it will lead to garbled characters on the LED display.


The phenomenon of garbled characters is a common problem of LED display. Don't be nervous when encountering such problems. Carefully investigate the possible causes above. If the problem has not been solved, please contact the LED display manufacturer for after-sales as soon as possible.