You have to know the tips for cleaning the car LED display

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-11-21 Views: 2428

The car LED display goes out every day at sunrise and returns at sunset. I don’t know how much dust, mud and other substances will be stained on the screen every day. In order to ensure the publicity effect, it is necessary for drivers and friends to regularly clean and maintain the LED display in their daily life, which not only has a clean appearance, but also prolongs the service life of the vehicle LED display and improves the quality of use.  


Many car owners have shortened the life of the advertising car due to improper operation when cleaning the advertising car. In order to better use the advertising car, the following will introduce the matters that should be paid attention to when cleaning the car LED display:


1. You must wait for the engine to cool down completely before starting cleaning. If the engine is not cooled, cleaning the vehicle will easily lead to premature aging of the engine, thus affecting the use of advertising vehicles.


2. When cleaning the vehicle, you need to pay attention to choosing the right weather, not in the sun, which will leave water marks on the body, so you must choose the right weather and environment when cleaning the vehicle.


3. Soft water can be selected for cleaning when using, water that is too acidic will damage the paint of the advertising car, which is not conducive to the appearance of the vehicle.


4. When cleaning advertising vehicles, special cleaning agents should be selected, and washing powder cannot be used arbitrarily, because washing powder contains a large amount of alkaline components, and long-term use will cause the paint surface of the vehicle to age.


5. When cleaning the screen of the advertising car, you can choose to wipe it with a rag, or wash it from the side. Do not flush the screen directly, which will cause the advertising car to enter the water and cause the car to not be used normally.


6. In daily work, do not touch the surface of the advertising car with dirty hands with oil, because oil and organic solvents will cause the surface of the car to fade prematurely.


The above are the precautions for cleaning the car LED display. The cleaning and maintenance of the LED display is a necessary link to ensure its normal operation and stable display effect. In the process of actual operation, it is necessary to understand these matters, so as to better protect the paint surface of the vehicle from damage and prolong the service life of the advertising vehicle.