Whether the Quality of the LED Display is Left or Right is All Up to You

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2018-10-26 Views: 1697

It is very popular recently: it is the same in any industry, if you care about quality, please respect its price; if you want cheap, please don't delusionally have good products. Quality and price are directly proportional. The same is true for LED display production. Don't choose a cheap LED display for the sake of being cheap.  

1. Buy cheap: You are only happy when you finish the price! When you use it, you may not be happy once. For cheap things, its total cost is not necessarily low, it just makes up for the money saved in other areas.


2. Buy high-quality ones: the moment you give money, you feel distressed! When you use it, you are happy every day, and it feels especially worthwhile. Otherwise, the moment you give money is happy! But then every day will be painful, feeling that life is better than death.


3. The customer is desperately trying to lower the price and calculate the cost: The customer always thinks that we charge too much, and we are trying to lower the price, so I want to ask him: "Have you counted the design cost? Have you counted the labor cost? Have you counted the marketing cost? ? Are the normal operating costs of the company counted? Are the management costs counted?  …”


4. Give you a bunch of materials, can you turn it into a finished product? Give you steel and cement, can you build a house yourself? Give you a needle, can you give yourself acupuncture? Give you a basketball, Can you play the NBA? Give you a bunch of steel, can you turn it into a car yourself? Give you a bunch of lamp beads, can you make a display screen?


5. The premise of service is profit: the premise of service is profit. Every company must survive. Profits can be appropriately reduced but cannot disappear. You have taken away all the profits to ensure survival. Who will depend on the quality of products and after-sales services? Assure.


6. The quality of the product lies in your choice: it is expensive, yes, because it is good, so expensive! The quality of the product is important, and the taste of the person is important! The quality of the product lies in your choice! You can buy it without spending the least money in the world The best product thing.